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e District Assam Portal: CSC Login, Registration & Certificates Application Status

e District Assam Portal: CSC Login, Registration & Certificates Application Status: The Assam State Government has made an interface portal
e District Assam Portal: CSC Login, Registration & Certificates Application Status: The Assam State Government has made an interface portal for those living in their state. Through this portal, the government can contact the people who live in their state. This website is called "e District Assam." It is the official government website, and it offers a wide range of services. This article tells you everything you need to know about eDistrict Assam, such as its purpose, online services, documents, online e-certificates, and so on. Using this portal, citizens can determine when different services will be available.

edistrict Assam

edistrict Assam is an online web portal where people from Assam can get online services. As part of the National e-Governance Plan, the Government of Assam built the portal (NeGP). Through the portal, the state government wants to make it easier for people to talk to the government. It serves as a link between the people of the state and their government.

More than 21 state departments can now offer services online thanks to the state government. At the district and sub-district levels, there are Common Service Centres (CSCs) and Public Facilitation Centres (PFCs) where people can get all these services. All 27 districts can use all of these online services on the portal.

The portal has services for five different areas. All of these core areas have other services that go along with them. These are the types of service: 

1) Revenue Court Cases
2) RTI/ Grievance Cases
3) Government Dues and Recovery
4) Certificates
5) Certified copies and Pensions

The objective of the Portal

The government has launched the e-district portal to help ordinary citizens in their state. Some of the reasons for this website are:
1) This e-district project aims to give G2C service to the state's existing districts.

2) This portal will help the government provide better services to all the people in Assam.

3) This project from the government aims to make it easier for citizens and the government to connect.

4) The goal of the Assam e-district portal is to improve the efficiency of the districts so that people can get service without interruption.

5) All citizens will easily access various services through the portal.

6) Increasing the government's openness and accountability and shortening the time it takes to deliver different government services.

7) In Assam, 53 Nagrik Kendra services will be delivered through the e-district. However, only 46 services are online through e-district right now.

8) With the help of this e-District Assam Portal, reliable services will be offered to the state's people.

Required Documents:

On this portal, each form has its own list of documents needed for each type of facility. Some of the most common documents needed to get the services are as follows: 

1) Permanent residence certificate
2) Aadhaar card
3) Identity proof like PAN card, Voter ID, and Passport.
4) Educational certificate
5) Proof related to BPL (if required)
6) Passport size photo
7) Income certificate
8) Date of birth proof
9) Scanned copy of the application form
10) Ration card

eDistrict Assam Portal Registration process

Amtron is a state service delivery gateway that helps people in Assam get services. Follow the steps listed below to sign up for e-District services: 

1) First, go to "AMTRON Assam's" official website. After this, the website's home page will be shown.


2) You need to click on the link "Please create an account in the State Portal for e-District Citizen Registration" on the website's home page. When you're done, a new page will appear.

eDistrict Assam Portal

3) On this new page, you'll see a form that says "Sign in." Click "Create Account" on this form. After that, a new page will show up on your screen.

eDistrict Assam Portal
4) On the new page, you must fill in all the required information, such as the applicant's name, email address, gender, date of birth, and mobile number.

eDistrict Assam Portal

5) After completing the form, enter the captcha code and click the "Save" button.
6) The success message will then be shown on the message screen. This message will also be sent to your email address, so save it in case you need it again.
7) You will then be taken to the Sign In page. Use the login information sent to your email address to sign in to this portal.
8) Finally, it will be easy for you to sign up on this Amtron portal.

Steps to Login into e District Assam Portal

Applicants must first log in to the portal to use any district-based services. Citizens can follow these steps to sign in: 

1) Visit the e-DistrictAssam Official Website :


2) In the top section of the homepage, you can visible "sign in" tab. Just click on it..

3) After clicking the "Sign In" link on the home page of the state portal, the screen below will show up.

4) Type in your email address and password, which you chose when you created your account. Click on Sign In then it will open dashboard where you can see the online services.

5) Click on e-Government Services, and the next screen will appear.

6) Type in your User Name and Email Address that you used to set up your account on

7) Click the "Login" button. Logging in to State Service Delivery Gateway.

8) The e-Form search page will show up after a successful login.

Steps to Download Certificate on Assam e-District

On this Assam State Government website, people can get residential certificates, caste certificates, death/birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more. Follow the steps below to get an application form for any of the 46 types of services listed on the portal: - 

 Step 1) Go to the Assam e-district portal's official Online district website. Applicants must click the Downloadable eForm on the portal's home page. Or directly click on this link.

assam edistrict Downloadable eForm

Step 2) Now, you can see a list of all the important forms for the district on this page. You can download the form and print it to suit your requirements. 

Downloadable eForm

Step 3) After printing the form, you can complete it according to the instructions and submit it to the appropriate authorities.

Steps to Check Application Status

Applicants for any kind of service on the portal can also check the status of their application online. Follow these steps to see where their applicants are in the process. 

Step 1 ): Go to eDistrict Assam's official website portal ( Applicants can find the section for "Application Status" on the page's home page. 

e District Assam Portal Application Status

Step 2): Applicants or residents must put their application number in the section. Once you've entered the number, click the Status button below it.

The resident's Profile status will be shown on his/her device screen. Applicants can check the status of their applications and decide how to proceed. Applicants can also check the status of their application on the state government's Sugam app.


e District Assam Portal: CSC Login, Registration & Certificates Application Status