Domicile Certificate Uttar Pradesh - How To Apply , Eligibility & Documents Required

Domicile Certificate Uttar Pradesh - How To Apply, Eligibility & Documents Required: Domicile certificate is an important document that shows a person's address. It is issued by the UP revenue department. This certificate can be used for several other legal documents. The portal will have all the services you need to get different certificates and verification systems.

Domicile Certificate Uttar Pradesh       

How To Appl Domicile Certificate Uttar Pradesh

When someone has a domicile certificate, it shows that they live in that district, union, or state. This certificate can be used in schools to verify a candidate's address and for government services that give preference to local applicants. Here we have provided complete steps for "How to Apply For Domicile Certificate in Uttar Pradesh" and Eligibility criteria, Documents required and many more...

Eligibility Criteria:

1) Anyone who lives in Uttar Pradesh can fill out an application.
2) To be considered, an applicant must be working for the government and be able to switch jobs at any time.

Documents Required:

Below Documents are required to apply for Domicile Certificate in Uttar Pradesh state:

1. Ration Card / Electricity Bill
2. Voter Id Proof
3. Self-Declaration Form
4. Educational Certificate (if required)

Steps to Apply for Domicile Certificate in Uttar Pradesh State

Step‐ 1:
a) The applicant must go to and click on "Citizen login" to get to the Online e-District Portal (e-Sathi).
b) Register in an online portal with your personal and contact information.
c) A password is generated and sent via SMS/Email.
d) Using the User ID and Password, the applicant should log in to the online portal.

Step‐ 2: 

 After logging into the web portal, the Applicant must select the "ESATHI INTEGRATED SERVICES" radio button. 

 Step‐ 3: 

Under the Revenue Department, the applicant must choose the "Domicile Certificate" service. 

 Step‐ 4: 

 The applicant must make a profile (select the district and enter their DOB and mobile number). 

 Step‐ 5: 

The user charges, which are Rs. 15/- must be paid through an online payment gateway by the applicant. 

Step‐ 6: 

The person who wants a "Domicile Certificate" must fill out the form, attach the necessary documents, and submit it. 

Step‐ 7

S.D.M., send the application to Tehsildar for verification. The application is checked by the Tehsildar and then sent to the Lekhpal for inspection. Lekhpal gives Tehsildar the inspection report. 

Step‐ 8

Based on the report from the Tehsildar and Lekhpal, the SDM approves the application and gives the person a domicile certificate. 

Step‐ 9 :

The certificate must be downloaded from an online portal or DigiLocker by the applicant.

Domicile Certificate Application Form

Domicile Certificate Application Form Uttar Pradesh

Domicile Certificate Uttar Pradesh - How To Apply

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