Chandrapur District Police Stations Phone Numbers in Maharashtra State

Chandrapur District Police Stations Phone Numbers in Maharashtra State: Chandrapur district has 15 Tehsils they are Chandrapur, Bhadravati, Warora, Chimur, Nagbhid, Bramhapuri, Sindewahi, Mul, Saoli, Gondpimpri, Rajura, Korpana, Pomburna, Ballarpur and Jivati.This district consists of 8 subdivisions (Chandrapur, Ballarpur, Mul, Gondpimpri, Warora, Chimur, Rajura and Bramhapuri ). The Division is further divided into Circle Offices headed by an Inspector. A Circle consists of police stations headed by an inspector or sub-inspector. The police department is committed to serving the citizens' needs by providing adequate and efficient services. We are Listed below Chandrapur District Police Stations Numbers and cell phone numbers.


Chandrapur District Police Stations Phone Numbers

The services offered online by the Chandrapur police department include the following –
1) Passport status
2) eChallan status
3) Report a crime
4) Safety tips
5) Eve teasing complaints
6) Domestic Violence complaints
7) Dowry harassment complaints
8) Internet fraud
9) Property Fraud
10) Job fraud
11) Child protection
12) Women's protection
14) Missing person report
15)Traffic police help
16)Foreigners’ registration

Designation Office Phone No.
Police Control Room, Chandpur 07172-251200
Police Headquarters, Chandpur 07172-250241
Ramnagar police station Chandpur 07172-253200
Babupeth Police Station, Chandpur 07172-250290
City Police Station, Chandpur 07172-252200
Durgapur Police Station, Chandpur 07172-265630
Police Station Ballarpur 07172-240327
Police Station, Warora 07176-282093
Police Station, Majari 07175-280154
Police station, boghugus 07172-285025
Police Station, Bhadgavati 07175-265093
Police Station, Defense 07175-263351
Police Station, Shegaon 07175-283032
Police Station, Rajura 07173-222128
Police Station, GondpiPri 07170-220033
Police station, kothari 07172-244125
Police station, Virur 07173-255164
Police Station, Pombhurna 07171-265527
Police station, dhaba 07171-256740
Police station, Gadchandur 07171-246538
Police Station, Awalpur 07173-266309
Police station, coating 07173-236672
Police Station, Bramhapuri 07177-272002
Police Station, Mandki 07177-275011
Police Station, Nagbudd 07177-240030
Police Station, Chimur 07170-265536
Police Station, Bhasi 07170-264433
Police Station, Sindevihi 07178-288227
Police Station, Navargaon O.C. 07178-258285
Police Station, Mul 07174-220227
Police Station, Jiviti 07173-258148
Police station, shadow 07174-274428
Police Station, Benbal O.V. 07174-267727
Police Station, Pothari 07174-276627

Chandrapur District Police Stations Phone Numbers

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