YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme 2024 - Application, Eligibility & Beneficiary List

YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme 2024 - Application, Eligibility & Beneficiary List: Golden movement for the women of Andhra Pradesh, The Government of Andhra Pradesh has framed a women's self-employment scheme called “YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme 2024”. This scheme was Started in The Andhra Pradesh Budget 2020 -21 under the Cabinet. The main purpose of this scheme is to make the state women self-dependent so that they are not tempted to take their needs in front of anyone. This scheme will be very effective in changing their lifestyle and livelihood. In today’s era, many policies are made for the betterment of women. This scheme was launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in February 2020. The main target of this scheme is to help needy women associated with self-help groups. YSR Sunna Vaddi  Pathakam Scheme 2024 is worked under the supervision of the state government of Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Sunna Vaddi Pathakam

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched a scheme to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Most of the women of urban and rural areas of Andhra Pradesh belong to extremely poor sections. They aren’t able to arrange their basic needs like food, water, and shelter. Under these schemes, women of the state get the interest-free loan to start their own businesses. In this scheme, women can apply for loans directly from banks. The limit for the applied loan under this scheme is Rs.5 lakh without any interest.

Features of this Scheme

1) Women empowerment: This scheme's primary objective will be to help empower the needy and deserving women. In this scheme, the women of states get their own business and become self-dependent in their hometown.
2) Betterment of Women: The main target of this scheme is to improve the quality of life and the future of state women.
3) Improve Financial Condition: This scheme will provide financial assistance and help the women to open their own businesses and improve their financial condition because of this, they are also improving the future of their children and providing them a good education. This cycle also improves the state education rate and lifestyle of citizens of the state.


Benefits of the YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme:

One of the most important things that will happen when the scheme is implemented is that older women in Andhra Pradesh will be given more power. By implementing the plan, a senior woman who is part of an SHG will not have to repay any of the loans she gets from a private or government bank in Andhra Pradesh. This will help them all become financially independent and free them from having to pay back their loans to the bank.

The objective of the YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme:

1) The government's main objective is to ensure that women in need have ways to improve themselves.
2) To give money to the groups that help people help themselves
3) Give the self-help groups a chance to grow.
4) To provide a loan at a zero interest rate.

Eligibility Criteria For YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme:

If a woman wants to take advantage of the scheme's benefits, she must meet the following requirements: 

1) The Candidate must live in Andhra Pradesh state full-time.
2) The Candidate applying must be a woman.
3) The Candidate must be in a group of people who live below the poverty line.
4) The Candidate must have less than 500000 rupees in credit.
5) The Candidate applying must be a self-help group member in Andhra Pradesh.
6) A Non-Performing Asset (NPA) loan is not eligible for the scheme.

Documents Required:

1) Voter ID card
2) Aadhar card
3) Passport
4) Below the poverty line certificate
5) Passport size photograph
6) Self-help group certificate
7) Loan papers
8) Bank account detail
9) Property papers
10) Address proof
11) PAN card

Application Procedure of YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme:

The YSR Navasakam scheme is also in charge of the application process for this scheme. Under the YSR Navasakam scheme, which the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state started, door-to-door surveys were done to determine who would benefit from the different schemes. The people in charge of the YSR Navasakam scheme have made a shortlist, which will also be used to decide who will get help from the YSR Sunna Vaddi scheme. Even so, those in charge say that the YSR Sunna Vaddi will be put into place and work soon with the help of an online portal.

Steps To Know Your YSR Sunna Vaddi Status

1) Visit the YSR Sunna Vaddi Official Website (https://karshak.ap.gov.in/ysrsvpr/

YSR Sunna Vaddi Official Website

 2) Click the "Know Your Status" tab in the menu Section.

Know Your YSR Sunna Vaddi Status

3) It redirects to the "Know Your Status" page. You must enter your Aadhaar Card and Click the "Submit" button. 

Know Your YSR Sunna Vaddi Status

4) Then your Status will display on the screen.

YSR Sunna Vaddi Scheme 2024 - Application, Eligibility & Beneficiary List

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