Digital Voter ID Card Download: Digital Vote Card e-EPIC Download From NVSP Portal

Digital Voter ID Card Download: Digital Vote Card e-EPIC Download From NVSP Portal: Governments are actively working to make all types of services available in a digital format, as you are all likely aware. In addition, digital voter ID cards have been introduced by the Indian election commission. The National Voter Service Portal's official website offers a PDF version of this card, which can be downloaded and carried with you. This article will provide detailed instructions on downloading a digital voter ID card. In addition, you will learn more information about the objectives, advantages, features, eligibility etc. This voter identification card will also be used as identification because it contains the holder's name, address, and other information. You must follow the instructions provided in this article if you want to download your voter ID card.


In India, a voter ID card is required to cast a ballot. This voter identification card also proves the citizen's identity. A digital voter identification card, also referred to as an elector photo identity card or E-EPIC, was recently introduced by the Indian Election Commission. It is accessible from the official website in PDF format. Additionally, the holder can print and laminate it. This card can be kept on a phone or computer in a Digi locker by the owner. Anyone possessing this card will be recognised as an Indian citizen with voter registration. This card is not editable in any way. This card is given out for brand-new registrations.


What is e-EPIC?

The e-EPIC is a secure portable document format (PDF) version of the EPIC that can be downloaded on a mobile device or printed on a computer. Consequently, a voter may store the card on his or her mobile device, upload it as a PDF to Digi locker, or print it and self-laminate it.

Benefits of Having a Digital Voter Card

  • The e-EPIC can be kept on your phone or other devices easily and safely.
  • It can't be changed, so it can't be faked.
  • It can be used as both a valid proof of identity and proof of residence.

Eligible For E-PIC

All general Voters with valid EPIC numbers are also eligible to apply for e-EPIC. In addition, all new voters registered during the special summary revision of 2021 who provided a unique mobile number will receive an SMS and may download e-EPIC.


Steps to Download Digital Voter Id Card

Through National Voter Service Portal

Follow the steps below to download e-EPIC from or

1)Register/Login on Voter Portal

nvsp Register

2) From the menu, Click on "e-EPIC Download".

e-EPIC Download

3) Enter the EPIC number or form reference number and select your state to get an electronic copy of your EPIC card.

e-EPIC Download

4) After clicking on the Search Button your details will be shown below.

Digital Vote Card e-EPIC Download

5) Click on the "Send OTP"  OTP sent to the registered mobile number for verification (if the mobile number is registered with Enroll).

Digital Vote Card e-EPIC Download
6) After Verifying the OTP. Captcha will be shown enter the captcha and click on "Download Epic Card"

7) Epic Card will be automatically downloaded in PDF Format into your system. 

Digital Vote Card e-EPIC Download

That's All :)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. You Can Download e-EPIC From a smartphone. You Need to use the Voter Helpline Android App to download the e-EPIC.

You can download Digital Voter ID Card using portal or through Voter Helpline App.

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