TSGLI Bond Download 2023 -TSGLI Policy Bond Details Status Check

TSGLI Bond Download 2023 -TSGLI Policy Bond Details Status Check: Telangana state government life insurance bond is issued to every state government employee. 4- 20% of the salary is deducted and is used for TSGLI Policy Bond. This is a saving scheme for government employees in the state. The scheme was launched in 1907. Telangana state employees can check the details and status of their policy by using the TSGLI portal. They can also download their policy from this official web portal. 

TSGLI Bond Download

TSGLI Bond Download 2023

This web portal offers policyholders to check, view, and download their policy online without having to go to the office and spend time. They can do this on any device, anytime and anywhere.


How to Download TSGLI Policy Bond?

To download the Telangana State Government Life Insurance bond from the web portal, 

1) First, go to the website http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/
2) When the site opens, look for the TSGLI policy bond link. Click on the link to open the web page to download the bond. 
3) Enter the policy number. Also, enter the suffix. Enter the generated code number. 
4) Click on the “get policy bond” option. Now the TSGLI Bond Download can be downloaded. 

How to Know Your TSGLI Policy Details at TSGLI Website

Telangana government employees can also know their TSGLI policy details from the official website of the life insurance bond. This might become necessary when the policyholder loses the policy information. This procedure starts with logging into the official website. There we can see the TSGLI policy details link. Click on it and enter the policy number, date of birth and the generated code number. After this, choose the “View details” button. This brings the TSGLI policy details to the screen. This can be downloaded to use for future needs.

How to Know TSGLI Policy Status at TSGLI Website

The details and status of the life insurance bond can be viewed and verified on the portal. Visit the official site, and select status. Now give the policy number. You will be asked to enter your name. Proceed further and choose a section. Choose the financial year for which you want to check the bond status. Enter the code number. Choose the View option to check the status.
Telangana state government life insurance policy contains the details such as the name of the policyholder and his/her father, age, date of birth, proposal number and date of proposal and declaration, date of maturity, details of the nominee, monthly premium, designation of the policyholder, last premium date etc. 

TSGLI Bond Download 2023 -TSGLI Policy Bond Details Status Check

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