Parvathipuram Manyam District With Mandals in Andhra Pradesh State

Parvathipuram Manyam District With Mandals in Andhra Pradesh State: The government recently added 13 new districts to the existing 13 districts. Now the state has 26 districts, and Parvathipuram Manyam is one of the new districts. The administrative headquarters of this state is Parvathipuram. This is carved out of Vijayanagaram district, Parvathipuram revenue division, and a part of Srikakulam district. Parvathipuram and Palakonda are the two revenue divisions of the district, and each of these will have a sub-collector as the head. These divisions are further divided into 15 mandals. The new district consists of 4 assembly constituencies and one parliamentary constituency, Araku.

Parvathipuram Manyam District

Parvathipuram Manyam District 


Overview of Parvathipuram Manyam District

Parvathipuram Manyam District area is 3659 square kilometres, with 2 revenue divisions and 15 revenue mandals. The literacy rate in the district is 50.9%. There are 910 villages and 2.29 households. The total population of the district is 9.25 lacs. The male population is 4.54 lacs, and the female population is 4.7 lacs. The primary language spoken here is Telugu.

The people of Parvathipuram Manyam district mainly depend on agriculture. The main crops grown here are paddy, cashew nuts, mangoes, etc. with the creation of a new district, there are expectations that medical, educational facilities, and employment opportunities will develop in this region.

History of Parvathipuram Manyam District

The new district in Andhra Pradesh, Parvathipuram Manyam district, is carved out of the Vijayanagaram district. Vijayanagaram district was formed on 1 June 1979 with Gajapatinagaram, S.Kota, Bhogapuram talukas in Visakha district, Bobbili, Parvathipuram, Saluru, Kurupam, Cheepurapalli talukas in Srikakulam. The new district now has 15 mandals – 8 mandals in the Parvathipuram division and 7 mandals in the Palakonda division.
There has been a demand for district status for Parvathipuram for the last 30 years. This is one of the oldest municipalities. It is the regional headquarters of ITD.

Tourist Places in Parvathipuram Manyam District

Parvathipuram Manyam district shares borders with Odisha state. The region is well connected by road and railways. There are many Tourist Places around Parvathipuram. There is a historic temple dedicated to Lord Kasi Viswanath 5 km away from Parvathipuram town. Thotapalli is another famous temple, and it is known as Chinna Tirupathi. Janvathi rubber dam is another tourist attraction; tourists can enjoy sightseeing and boating here. Parvathipuram is a gateway city between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Many educational institutions are also here, and students from Odisha come here for better education.

Mandals in Parvathipuram Manyam District

Palakonda Seethampeta Bhamini
Veeraghattam Jiyyammavalasa Gumma Lakshmipuram
Kurupam Komarada Garugubilli
Parvathipuram Seethanagaram Balijipeta
Salur Pachipenta Makkuva

Parvathipuram Manyam District

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