Slot booking land registration in Dharani website - Online Book Slot For Land Registration

Slot booking land registration in Dharani website: Dharani, a land registration website is launched by the Telangana government. This is the first time that portal is launched to register lands online. Everything can be done sitting at home, details of the land are entered and the verification for registration is done online. The site is believed to help reach the goal of transparency. It is said that the launching of a web portal for online registration of land is a revolutionary step taken by the government of Telangana

Slot booking land registration in Dharani website

Slot booking land registration in Dharani website

To register the lands online at Dharani portal, the first thing that must be done is to book a slot? But how to book a slot? How are the transactions completed and what documents are required to be submitted? 

There are data, petitioner and department portals in Dharani portal. The details of agricultural and non- agricultural lands can be accessed from this portal that contains comprehensive information. Slot booking, payment of fees for land registration and all translation relating to land registration are done in the petitioner portal. Sellers, buyers and landowners can access this from any part of the world. The department portal can be accessed only by the department officers, operators of the portals and tahsildars.

To book a slot in the Dharani portal, visit the portal. Based on the type of land, choose either agriculture or non-agriculture. If agriculture option is chosen, six options are displayed and the first one is for slot booking. Click on this and a password is sent to the mobile number entered on the login page. Now, enter the password and the captcha. Now click on the Get OTP option. Enter the OTP; the citizen dashboard page is displayed on the screen. Several options re then displayed among these one has to choose as per their requirement. There are options such as application for registration, pre-registration etc. The applicant then will be asked to enter the details and then as per the transaction to be done, details of payment will appear. Make the payment; take out the printout of the receipts. Go to book the slot now. The page shows the slots available. Choose the one that is convenient and click on book slot button.

Gift Deed Slot Booking in Dharani Website

Sale Deed Slot Booking in Dharani Website

Slot booking land registration in Dharani website

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