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Dharani - A New website to Check Land Records in Telangana State

Dharani - A New website for Land Records of Telangana State: You can check all Telangana land details like encumbrance ,Land Status & Document Details
Dharani - A New website to Check Land Records in Telangana State: Dharani is an integrated land records management system that offers land administration and registration services. It is also possible to find a visual representation of land record data. This website was launched by the Telangana revenue department. This new system reduces the risk of corruption and makes the process more transparent. 

Dharani Website


Dharani - A New website to Check Land Records in Telangana State

Dharani website is the single window to handle for land administration. This is the single place where applications of different departments are combined. It is possible to apply for various services and one can also check their application status on this website itself. More than three crore people visited the site till now and thousands of people already got their work done.

Features of Dharani Website

Dharani website for revenue services can be availed in the Telugu language also. All land records can be checked online. Few details such as district, book type, sub-registrar office, the year of registration and document number have to be entered and then you can easily check any land records. Pattadar passbooks also can be checked online by entering the passbook number and khata number. The details are displayed on the screen with the landowner name, survey number, document type, location map etc. the website also allows applying for various land related certificates such as encumbrance certificate. These certificates can be downloaded from the site.

Dharani Web Portal Services

Dharani website offers various revenue and registration services. Revenue services include the mutation/succession, land conversion, agriculture income and land valuation certificates. Registration services include certified copes, duty and fee calculator, encumbrance search, registration service payment and public data entry, slot booking, track application, view receipt, view unit rates, stamp services payment, market value assistance and group registration. Signing up for the site is needed for availing the services on Dharani website. To sign up, go to the site, click on the ‘Sign up’ button and enter details. Get OTP to verify the number. 
Dharani is the official website of the Telangana government for land and property related transactions. Land records can be accessed very easily. To register the property, one has to book a slot through this website directly.

Revenue Services: 

  1. Mutation/Succession
  2. Land Conversion/NALA
  3. Agriculture Income Certificate
  4. Land Valuation Certificate

Registration Services:

  1. Certified Copy
  2. Duty and Fee Calculator
  3. Encumbrance Search
  4. Payment of Registration Services
  5. Public Data Entry
  6. Slot Booking and Slot Rescheduling
  7. Track Application
  8. View Receipt
  9. View Unit Rates
  10. Payments of Stamps Services
  11. Market Value Assistance
  12. Group Registration

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Dharani - A New website to Check Land Records in Telangana State