6 Best Beauty tips for oily skin

6 Best Beauty tips for oily skin: Here are some of the useful most popular tips for oily skin usually most people search on the web. These 6 tips are most effective to disappear your oily skin and also these tips will not get any side effects on your face.

6 Best Beauty tips for oily skin

6 Best Beauty tips for oily skin

  1. Soak about 4-5 almonds (Badam) in water for the whole night, next day make it as a paste with half tablespoon honey. Apply this paste to your face as a mask. After 20 minutes of clean with cold water, your face skin will be glowing instantly.
  2. Cedarwood and sandalwood oil- Mix 2-3 drops of these two oils and gently massage over the face and neck areas. The classic combination of these two essential oils has a soothing effect and is an excellent skin conditioner for oily skin
  3. Clay mask is said to give maximum benefit to the oily skin for its deep cleansing properties.
  4. Make a facial scrub with 2 tablespoon almond meal, 1 tablespoon ground lemon rind, and 3-4 tablespoon milk. Gently scrub your face and get rid of the excess oil.
  5. Find a solution in clay and mud mask if your skin is very oily. Mix 1-teaspoon green clay powder and 1-teaspoon raw honey properly and apply the paste leaving the areas around the eyes. Fifteen minutes later, wash with warm water. Repeat it 2-3 times a week for best results.
  6. Follow up the cleanser with an astringent as this will remove all excess oil.



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