Aurangabad District Police Stations Phone Numbers in Bihar State

Aurangabad District Police Stations Phone Numbers in Bihar State: Aurangabad district has Eleven blocks they are Madanpur, Kutumbba, Daudnagar, Aurangabad, Barun, Obra, Dev, Nabinagar, Haspura, Goh, Rafiganj.This district consists of 2 subdivisions (Aurangabad and Daud Nagar). The Division is further divided into Circle Offices, headed by an Inspector. A Circle consists of police stations headed by an inspector or sub-inspector. The police department is committed to serving the needs of the citizens by providing them effective and efficient services. We are Listed belowAurangabad District Police Stations Numbersand cell phone numbers.

From registering complaints to knowing your case status, all this and much more can be done with just a few clicks.

The services offered online by the Aurangabad police department include –

 Aurangabad District Police Stations Phone Numbers

Aurangabad District Police Stations Phone Numbers 

1)Passport status
2)eChallan status
3)Report a crime
4)Safety tips
5) Eve's teasing complaints
6)Domestic Violence complaints
7)Dowry harassment complaints
8)Internet frauds
9)Property frauds
10)Job frauds
11)Child protection
12)Women Protection
14)Missing persons report
15)Traffic police help
16)Foreigners’ registration

Police StationLandLine (or)Phone No,
Ajintha Police Station02439-288333
Amba Police Station6332 - 223124, 9431822243
Barun Police Station6186 - 224199
Bidkin Police Station02431-241433
Chikalthana Police Station0240-2484733
Daudnagar Police Station6328 - 228626, 9431822238
Deogaon Police Station02433-247333
Deokund Police Station6328 - 238220, 9431822247
Dev Police Station6186 - 287401
Dibhra Police Station6186 - 230201, 9431822251
Gangapur Police Station02433-221333
Goh Police Station6328 - 248672, 9431822237
Haspura Police Station6328 - 257281, 9431822239
Jamhaur Police Station6186 - 285360, 9431822252
Kannd Police Station02435-221044
Karmad Police Station0240-2623333
Kasma Police Station6327 - 277233, 9431822246
Khudaman Police Station6328 - 239550, 9431822258
Khultabad Police Station02435-241100
Kutumba Police Station6332 - 224477, 9431822242
Madanpur Police Station6327 - 255330, 9431822234
Mali Police Station6332 - 231832, 9431822248
Midc Police Station02431-232113
Mufassil Police Station6186 - 222346, 9431822232
Navi Nagar Police Station6332 - 227155, 9431822241
Obra Police Station6328 - 266305, 9431822240
Pachod Police Station02431-221333
Paithan Police Station02431-223033
Pauthu Police Station6327 - 289711, 9431822255
Phulambri Police Station0240-2633333
Pishor Police Station02435-229033
Rafiganj Police Station6327 - 250738, 9431822236
Rishiyap Police Station6332 - 231833, 9431822250
Salaiya Police Station6327 - 235722, 9431822244
Shilegaon Police Station02433-248350
Shilld City Police Station02430-222033
Shillod Rural Police Station02430-222233
Shivar Police Station02436-284333
Soygaon Police Station02438-234433
Tandwa Police Station6332 - 232576, 9431822249
Town Police Station6186 - 223124, 9431822231
Town Police Station6186 - 223124, 9431822249
Uphara Police Station6328 - 238218, 9431822253
Vaijapur Police Station02436-222033
Virgaon Police Station02436-232133
Wadodbazar Police Station02430-284333

Aurangabad District Police Stations Phone Numbers 

*Disclaimer: The police station's contact information has been taken from public lists and websites, whether they are official or not. is NOT affiliated with the sites that are linked. If an address or phone number is wrong, send us an email through the "Contact Us" page.alert-info
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