How to apply birth Certificate Online & Offline in Andhra Pradesh

How to apply birth Certificate Online & Offline in Andhra Pradesh : Birth Certificate is the one of the most important Document in Everyone's life who are living in India.This birth certificate is a personal document which is used for the future purpose of applying the 10th board exams, passport, driving license, etc. A birth certificate is a legal identity from the government showing the Age, sex or a nationality of a person.In nowadays most of the hospitals are taking care of this certificate. If who don't have the birth certificate don't worry we will provide complete information on birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh that what we known. Before days applying the birth certificate is difficult but nowadays we can get in a simple process in meeseva center to get the birth certificate.

How to apply birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh

Those who are born in the hospital they will have the birth report they can submit it along with Aadhaar Card and Address Proof to get the birth certificate within the 15 days. If the child born at Home then they may don't have a birth report. In that case, you need to take the Non-Availability certificate from the nearest meeseva center. After getting the Non-Availability certificate then you need to file the request in RDO (Rural Development Organization). If the RDO Enquiry is completed then it will take 75 days to process to get RDO Note through Meeseva Services.

Registration Fee for Birth certificate

The registration fee for the birth certificate is 21 rupees included late fee is added.If you are applying after 21 days.

Documents Required to Get Birth Certificate

  1. Parents birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificate of the parents
  3. Proof of birth letter in hospital
  4. Parents' identity proof (for verification)

How to Apply Birth Certificate Online in Andhra Pradesh State

If you want to apply for birth certificate Government of India has launched web portal for birth registration online. Here we have provided easy steps to apply birth certificate online.

1)Visit the Official Website (

Birth certificate Online

2)Look on the left where you will find a bottom of login  General Public Sign-Up button. Just click on that it will redirect to sign up page. Fill the required details like Username , Phone number , State, Village, District etc.(Below is Screenshot)
Birth certificate Signup

3) Fill the complete required details and enter Captcha and click on the register button.
After registration, a Thank You message will pop up along with a prompt to check your email ID to confirm the registration.

4) It will tell you to set up a new password for login. just Set it up and sign in once again.
A form will pop up to fill in the name of your child, his or her parents, and the location.
Fill it and submit.

5) Take its print out and download a soft copy on your computer Visit the office of the Registrar of your region

6) Get the form attested either by him or the Sub-Registrar.

How to Apply Birth Certificate Offline in Andhra Pradesh

1) Go to the official link and download the pdf file. Fill the form carefully with all the relevant details.
2) Now take the form and go to meeseva center and give to them.They will Apply it online.
3) Pay the amount and you will get a transaction and application ID. Now write this transaction ID on top of your form clearly and attach other documents.
4) Now submit these documents to your Mandal Revenue Office. If your application gets accepted you will get a message regarding this on your phone.

How to apply birth Certificate Online & Offline in Andhra Pradesh

If you have any queries on birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh comment in below section.

That's all folks.

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