Death Certificate in telangana State - How to Make Corrections

Death Certificate in Telangana State - How to Make Corrections: Hello, Users Here we are giving the information on "Death certificate in Telangana state". The death certificate will be issued by the government of Telangana. This certificate is required to apply for pension widow of a person who is dead. The death certificate can apply from nearest meeseva center.

Death Certificate in telangana State

Death Certificate in Telangana State

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Steps for apply death certificate by G.H.M.C

To apply for a death certificate in Telangana state user can apply within 21 days after death. They need documents about death.

List of Documents are :

->Application form (death certificate)
->Death report

Click Here for Death Certificate Application Form by GHMC


1. Date of Death:
2. Name of the Deceased:
3. Sex of the Deceased:
4. Name of the Father of the deceased:
5. Name of the Mother:
6. Place of Death:

(Tick the appropriate entry a, b, c below and give the name of the Hospital/Institute or the Address of the House where the Death took place. If other place gives location)

a) Hospital/Institution Name:
b) House Address:
c) Other places:

7. No. of Copies Required:
8. a) Do you want the Death Certificate by Courier,                           Yes / No
    b) If Yes give Name and Address with Pin Code

Name & address:

Note: - Death certificate will be issued subject to entry found Registered with GHMC records.

After filling the form you need to check the complete details then submit to the Person of MeeSeva Center.

You need to collect your application number which is used to check the status of the Application form.

How to Apply online for death certificate

You are aware of the internet they can apply through online method. Just to apply Death certificate in online you need to follow the simple steps.

1) Register the  Meeseva online portal account:

Enter details in registration form

Create profile ID: - Desired login id, password, confirm the password, secret question and your answer you need to enter here all correct details.

Contact information: - Email, confirm email, alternate email, mobile number, these details are used for communication so enter correct details all type of notification is provided here.

Personal information: - Enter valid aadhaar card number, first name, last name, gender: - male/ female, date of birth, address line 1, address line 2, country, state, city, pin code

Make tick make here If the user wants to receive SMS alert.

Click on submit button.

You need to check on email about user id and password here. After check then the user need to log in here and apply for given services.

2) After registering then click on Login Link:

3)Then Enter user id, Valid password, and captcha code.

4)Click on the Login Button. Then Fill the complete details in the Application form. Upload required documents that are necessary.

5)You need to take print out of application number. It is used for many purposes so safe it.

How to make a Corrections in Death Certificate in Telangana

1)Just visit nearest mee seva center and ask death certificate correction application form. They will provide you application form just fill the details correctly.

2)Meeseva person will verify death data is already registered?

3)Below documents are required to make corrections in Death Certificate

1. All the original certificates of death already taken should be returned.

2.Declaration By the parent(s) attested by two Gazetted officers.(Name and Designation of the Gazetted Officers are to be written in Capital)
3. Notary Affidavit on (Rs. 10/- Non-Judicial Stamped Paper).
4. Documentary evidence like.
a) Education Certificates.
b) Election ID Card.
c) Ration Card.
d) Passport or any other registered documents.Documents like Pan Card, LIC and Bank cannot be taken up.
5. Letter from the hospital authorities where death has occurred mentioning the facts.
6. In case of Medico-legal cases
a) FIR
b) Post Mortem Report
c) Education Certificates.
d) Election ID Card.
e) Ration Card.
f) Passport or any other registered documents.Documents like Pan Card, LIC and Bank cannot be taken up.
7. Any other documents if any

If application fulfills all the above, pay mee seva service charges Rs.15/- and required courier charges for delivery of certificate at mee seva Rs.15/-. The certificate will be delivered to only at mee seva for Corrections of birth/death events.Applicant has come to mee seva for collecting the certificate/s after 10 working days (excluding the date of application). If Correction Approved

The required fee amount of Rs.20/- per certificate and Rs.60/- for extra for corrections in death registers towards GHMC fee. The Fee Amount will be collected at the time of issuance of correction order.

If Correction Not Approved By The Registrar the application will be returned to the applicant

Note: Complete change in name cannot be carried out as per the Births & Deaths Act,1969. Only spelling mistakes, expansion of the initials, prefix, and suffix to the existing name can only be carried out subject to the satisfaction of the REGISTRAR.

User, check here all details about the death certificate. Here two methods are given so enter correct details here in the online or offline method. Also, we have provided "How to Make Corrections in death certificate". For any more information, you need to contact to Meeseva center in your area.

Death Certificate in Telangana State

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