Birth Certificate in Telangana Online - How to Apply & Documents Required

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online & Offline in Telangana State: The birth certificate is one of the most important certificates for a child in India as this is their first official certificate of existence. This will help him/her benefit from many services provided by the Indian government. The birth certificate will later help them in many places, like applying for School admission and some other government schemes & application purposes. Also, most hospitals take care of these things, but if they don't, just do it yourself. In our article, How to Apply for a Birth Certificate in Telangana, we will tell you the whole procedure for this birth certificate in Telangana

Birth Certificate in Telangana

Birth Certificate in Telangana

How to Apply For a Birth Certificate in Telangana:

The birth certificate is a very important document in everyone's life. This will tell the exact date and Hospital of birth of any person. The Municipal Authority, Tehsildars, or Registrar's Office can issue this birth certificate. This must be registered within 21 days of the birth of any child. Parents must take care of these things as this can affect their child's future. All the information must be correct, like name, sex, time of birth, date of birth, permanent address, etc. In our article, How to Get a Birth Certificate in Telangana, you can read about this procedure. So now it is very simple and compulsory to get these certificates.

Documents Required to Get Birth Certificate in Telangana:

* Hospital Discharge Summary Sheet
* Marriage Certificate of Parents
* Proof of Birth in the Hospital
* Parent's Identity Proof.

How to Search for Registered Birth Record in Telangana:

1) Go to the Nified Birth & Death Registration-management Information System Official Website:
2) Fill in the details carefully. Not necessary to fill in all the details. However, the month/year of birth and name of the father are mandatory. Remaining how much you know, just fill in the information.
3) Now click on submit. It will show whether your birth is registered or not.

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate in Telangana Online:

Follow the steps below to get a birth certificate in the state of Telangana: 

1) To register a birth, hospitals, medical institutions, or the head of the family should fill out an application form and send it along with all the necessary documents to the MeeSeva center.
2) Fill out the form carefully with all the relevant details. The MeeSeva center operator will scan the documents and submit an online birth certificate application.
3) After you pay the birth certificate fee, the operator will issue a receipt for the transaction and application ID.
4)The applicant must provide information about the methods of certificate delivery at the time of application. They can obtain the certificate directly from the MeeSeva Center, or the GHMC office can send it to the registered address via courier. They will Apply online.
5) Pay the amount; you will get a transaction and application ID.
6) If the application is approved, The applicant will receive an SMS at the registered mobile number.
7) When obtaining a certificate from a MeeSeva center, the birth certificate will be issued the same day; however, it will take five days from the date of application before it can be sent by courier.

How to Track Birth Certificate Application Status in Telangana

1) Visit the Telangana Meeseva website:
2) Enter the application ID and Click on the enter button. Then, your status will be displayed on the screen.

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online in Telangana State

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