How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat State

How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat: As we all have seen the importance of an Aadhaar Card nowaday. This card you can use anywhere in India for your identification process, banking, passport, ration card, mobile sim connection etc. Government idea was much better to use this Aadhaar card in our country. But their vision has not been successful because of some reasons. But again they are starting to implement those things like you can use it as a voter id card, ration card etc. Here in our article How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat, we will tell you about all the details related to Aadhaar card in Gujarat. We will notify you about documents required for Aadhaar card in Gujarat, Aadhaar card status update in Gujarat, Aadhaar card application form in Gujarat, How to make any correction in Aadhaar card in Gujarat after you have already applied for it etc. Also, you can check other details about Gujarat State.

How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat State

Aadhaar Card Online Registration

How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat:

So as in this modern time, people are trying their best to save some time always for them. No one wants to go anywhere and stand in a queue. If this happens people start searching for some alternative method for those things. As we have seen that Gujarat is a well-developed state in our country. So their government is making some good reforms so that people don't need to go to government offices. In our articles, How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat we will notify you everything about this aadhaar card in Gujarat.

Uses and Purpose of Aadhaar Card:

* Main purpose of this Aadhaar card was to make this card as a universal card for every other card, as people should not move with a lot of other cards with them.
* Aadhaar card has been used to get government subsidy.
* This card can be used to enroll in programs like Right to Education and Sarva Sikhsha abhiyaan.
* People having aadhaar card and a bank account can easily get gas subsidies.
* Aadhaar card can be used to get a new Sim connection and to open a bank account.
* Aadhar card has no validity criteria tension like passport, driving license etc., as once you have applied and get it this will be with you for a lifetime.

Documents Required for Aadhaar Card in Gujarat:

* Identity proof like passport, PAN card, driving license, voter id card etc.,
* Address proof like passport, bank statement, driving license, voter id card etc.,
* Birth certificate like Date of birth certificate issued by the registrar, 10th class admit card etc.

Note: If someone does not have valid documents in Gujarat he/she can still enroll documents with her name in the family list where his/her name exists. But from that list, any other's documents will be required for the application process. Also, if there are no documents available anywhere then they can take help of Introducers available at enrollment centers at Gujarat.

How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Online Registration in Gujarat:

* You can go to a center also for this purpose if you have an idea. Else you can search here.
* Go to this link Aadhaar Card Enrollment.

Aadhaar Card Enrollment in Gujarat

* Submit the details and click on search option. You will get all the option nearby your address also.
* Choose the nearest one and go with all the required documents as told above with 2 xerox copies of each.
* At aadhaar card enrollment center they will take your photograph, fingerprints and an iris scan. As these things are unique for everybody so these are very important for UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).
* Then you will have to fill a form online only with related information like name, sex, age etc.
* After completing the form you can check your details and before submitting finally.
* After some days you will get your aadhaar card in Gujarat.

How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Offline in Gujarat:

* Almost the process is same for applying offline also.
* Go to this link Aadhaar Card Enrollment and search for enrollment center nearby.
* You can go there and take an appointment as it will save a lot of time for you.
* You can download the application form online also, or else you can get it there from the enrollment center.
* Fill this form and submit it to the enrollment center and the remaining process they will just complete for you. If you are having any problem while filling this form you can take help from enrollment center.

Note: People who need to make any correction in their aadhaar application after submission in Gujarat, they can download this aadhaar correction form and after filling the details they can submit to the enrollment center.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online in Gujarat:

* After submitting application offline or online you will get an enrollment id. This is very important in future and if any problem persists with aadhaar card.
* Go to this site Check Aadhar Status. Click and go to this link.
* Fill your enrollment id with date and time.
* Enter the captcha properly and click on check status. 
* You can see that your aadhaar card has been generated or not.

How to Get a New Enrolment Id in Gujarat:

* If you have forgotten your enrollment id or you have lost it, don't worry you can get a new one.
* Go to this link Retrieve enrolment id.
* Submit your personal details like name, mobile number, email id and then the security code. Click on send one-time password.
* You will receive one-time password on your mobile or email id. Take that OTP.
* Submit this OTP and click on verify OTP.
* You will get a new enrollment id and can use this in future.

Note: Get all the seeding link for Aadhaar Card here.

How to Download Aadhaar Card Online in Gujarat:

* If your aadhaar card has been generated you can download it easily.
* Go to this link Download Aadhaar Card.
* Fill all the details like enrollment id, name, mobile number, email id, pin code and then the security code.
* Click on send one-time password.
* You will receive one-time password on your mobile or email id. Take that OTP.
* Submit this OTP and click on validate and download.
* Your aadhaar card will be downloaded now.

Note: If you do not want to download aadhaar card online, then you just need to wait for 1-2 months. As it will be sent by post also by the Indian government.

How to Get Aadhaar on Mobile Number in Gujarat:

* You can get your aadhaar on your mobile number also.
* Just go to this link Aadhaar on Your Mobile Number. Click on this link.
* Submit the details like enrollment id, mobile number, and then the security code.
* Now click on send one-time password.
* Submit this OTP and click on Submit.
* You will get your aadhaar on your mobile phone.

How to Update Aadhaar Details Online in Gujarat:

* If you have made any mistake while submitting your application form, don't worry you can update them online. Or if you need to update some information you can update it.
* Click at the last where there is an option that if you want to update your details, click here.
* First step is that you need to provide your aadhaar number and you will get an OTP.
* After submitting the OTP you will go to step 2.
* Here you need to request for the update and the data you want to change or update.
* Click update and you will go to step 3.
* Here you need to update all the documents required.
* Click submit after uploading and you will now go to step 4.
*  You will go to BPO Service Provider selection and you are done.

Note: If you want to check the status after you have updated your information. You can go to this link Check Update Status for your Aadhaar card.

How to Update or Make Correction in Aadhaar Details Offline in Gujarat:

* You can also update aadhaar details offline. 
* Just fill the details without any mistake, or else you need to download another one.
* Don't use xerox copy of this form.
* Now just send this document by post on the given address. Adress has been given in the form only at below.

Note: You can also verify your aadhaar number by clicking on this Verify Aadhaar Number. Also, you can verify your mobile by clicking on this link Verify Mobile Number.

Reasons for Not Receiving Aadhaar Card OTP:

* Your mobile network can be down, so you are not receiving an OTP.
* Else your mobile memory is full, so no new message can arrive on your mobile phone.
* Sometimes UIDAI government link can be down.
* Or else your Sim card has blocked SMS receiving option.

In this article, How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat, we have almost given every link and details which can be used in applying or after applying for aadhaar card in Gujarat. You just need to search your query and solve it by using or article. Don't need to go anywhere now. Use our article and save your time. This procedure for applying for Aadhaar card will be applicable all over India. Also, you can get to know Aadhaar Card Helpline Number and EmailId.

How to Apply For a New Aadhaar Card in Gujarat State

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