Vizianagaram District Profile mandals and tourist places in AP State

Vizianagaram  District Profile mandals and tourist places in Andhra pradesh State: Vizianagaram is one of the districts in Andhra Pradesh. It is just 18 km away from the Bay of Bengal and is 70 kilometers from Visakhapatnam. The area of Vizianagaram district is 6539 square kilometers. Vijayanagaram district is a part of north coastal Andhra. it has Srikakulam district on east, Visakhapatnam district on West and south sides and a bay of Bengal on southeast as borders. The district is majorly divided into plains and hilly areas. Humidity is more in the air and summers are very hot. The district also receives good rainfall in Rainy season. The district receives an average rainfall of 1131 millimeters.

Vizianagaram  District  mandals and tourist places

Vizianagaram District  Profile mandals and tourist places

Seventy percent of the people in Vizianagaram district depend on agriculture for the living. The district has 30 kilometers long coastal line. Total forest area in the district is 1,13,922.73 hectares.

The proposal of setting up Vijayanagaram district was there since 1862 when British were ruling India. after independence, Andhra Pradesh was separated from Tamilnadu in 1956. Vijayanagaram region was a part of Visakhapatnam district the. in 1978, then chief minister Marri Chennareddy created Vijayanagaram district. in 1985, the district was divided into 12 talukas, 34 mandals. There are 928-gram panchayats, 1642 villages and 1524 revenue villages in the district.

Mandals in Vizianagaram District

Badangi Balijipeta Bhogapuram
Bobbili Bondapalli Cheepurupalli
Dattirajeru Denkada Gajapathinagaram
Gantyada Garividi Garugubilli
Gummalaxmipuram Gurla Jami, Vizianagaram
Jiyyammavalasa Komarada Kothavalasa
Kurupam Lakkavarapukota Makkuva
Mentada Merakamudidam Nellimarla
Pachipenta Parvathipuram Pusapatirega
Ramabhadrapuram Salur Seethanagaram
Therlam Vepada Vizianagaram

Tourist Places in Vizianagaram District

Vizianagaram district history is very rich. This region was ruled by Kalinga Gangarajas for hundred years and Gajapatirajas for nearly 140 years. in 1574, the place was acquired by Qutubshahi. In 1687, Golconda Mughals took over the region. Vizianagaram also played its role in the freedom fight. The district played a major role in salt satyagraha, Quit India movement, and other events.

There are many must see places in Vijayanagaram. Let us now see some of the Vizianagaram tourist places.

1) Vizianagaram fort: One of the main attractions of Vizianagaram district is the Fort. Construction of this fort was begun in the year 1713 by Vizianagaram kings. Before that, they lived in a mud fort in Kumili.

2)Ganta sthambham or clock tower is another attraction in Vizianagaram. This 68 feet high pillar was built by Anandagajapati Raju with an expense of Rs. 5,4000. it has clocks on four sides. During second world war, a siren was set up in this. Earlier there were steps to reach the 5th floor but now they are in ruins.

3) Chintapalli beach is one of the most visited tourist spots in Vizianagaram district. The lighthouse, big stones in the sea are main attractions here.

4)Taatipudi Reservoir: Boating is the main attraction here. This is situated 12 kilometers from Vizianagaram town. Cottages of forest department are also available here.

5) Paiditalli temple is another attraction in this district. Sirimaanotsavam is an event that attraction thousands of devotees.

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