How to search sadarem certificate and online in telangana

How to search sadarem certificate and online in telangana State: Many of the people doesn't know how to search the details of sadarem details Telangana Goverment deveoloped the site

In this site we can search the all details pertaining to the disabled persons such as Physically handicapped, Visually handicapped, Mentally retired and some other categories. For this a person has to attend the sadarem camp on their premises. Normally the Sadarem camp will be in Area Hospitals of the District or Revenue Divisions.

How to search sadarem certificate

How to search sadarem certificate 

Procedure to get the Sadarem Certificate :

1. Candidate has to attend the Sadarem Camp in their respective reasons.
2. Specialists will check the candidate thoroughly by performing some medical tests to caliculate the disability percentage of the candidate.
3. After they satisfied with the results they will take the sadarem print out of the candidate and they will sign on the certificate.
4. After the make sign on the certificate they will upload the certificate alongwith ID card to Sadarem website.
5. Candidate can take printout of the certificate in MEESEVA by paying some challan charge.

To Search the details in sadarem Website :

To see the details in website please follow the below link.

After click on "Quick Search" the page will be opened to see like this..

If the candidate have the Sadarem ID can enter and click on search and can search by UID No. also

If candidate does not know the sadarem ID and UID he/she can search District, Mandal, village level members of sadarem candidate.

Normally The Telangana state Government issuing aasara pension to disable people if he/she have above 50% disability.

Government orders on Sadarem :

G.O.No.371 dated : 02/12/2010:

Description : Social Security Pensions - Assessment of degree of disability through software - Guidelines for assessment - Issue of certificates - Orders - Issued.

G.O.Ms.No. 31 Dated : 01/12/2009 :

Description : Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Department - Persons with Disabilities - Guidelines for evaluation of various disabilities and procedure for certification -Comprehensive Orders -Issued.

Important Links
SL.noName of the websiteWebsite Link
1.Ministry of Social justice and
2.The National TrustLINK
3.Rehabilitation Council of IndiaLINK
4.Office of The Chief
Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities
5.National Handicapped
Finance and Development Corporation
6.Ali Yavar Jung National
Institute for the Hearing Handicapped
7.National Institute for the
 Mentally Handicapped
8.National Institute of Rehabilitation
Training and Research
9.National Institute for the
Visually Handicapped
10.Pt. Deendayal Updadhyaya
Institute for the Physically Handicapped
11.Artificial Limbs Manufacturing
Corporation of India

How to search sadarem certificate

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