How to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Card Online: All Indian citizen who have 18 + years they have right to vote in elections on basis one person one vote.But with one name multi-voter cards are issued by the government of India. Due to some technical issue (or) Person is registering from different places.So Government of India taken a step to Linking Voter Id (Known as EPIC) With their Aadhar Card.

How to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Card Online

How to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Card Online

The Indian States are maintaining their own portals for the linking procedure. Following approaches can be found to complete the linking process.

How to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Card Online

SMS based Seeding -through Message

1)By Sending an SMS voters may also link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID.
2)By sending Voter Card number and the Aadhar number link SMS in the following format. SEEDEPIC [space] [EPIC No] [space] [Aadhar] — Example:- SEEDEPIC BYX1234557 1234 5678 9101
3)Send the following SMS format to 166 OR 51969

Portal Seeding/ Self-Seeding (How To Link Voter ID With Aadhaar Card On-Line )

Linking with Aadhaar card of Voter ID card is began. Now you are able to Link Aadhaar card with Voter ID card online. You’ll be able to seed your voter id with Aadhaar using EPIC Aadhaar seeding portal site.

Call Center Seeding – through Toll-free call

1)Make a Call for Linking Voter ID Card and Aadhaar Card Number to the Call Center:
2) Simple call 1950 on weekdays between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm

Steps to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Card (Procedure)

The process to link voter id card with aadhaar is clarified below. Proceed through the steps and link your voter id card which helps you to remove counterfeit voter id cards.

1)Visit our portal
2)Search your name by clicking the box "Search Your Name box" by filling your name, name of your relation, state, and the constituency or searching your name by filling your EPIC Number.
3)As you see your details, please click the button ‘View’ on the extreme left of the row.
Feed your Aadhaar number and your name as in Aadhaar data.
4)Register your mobile number and/email address to get confirmation of registration through SMS and/email.

How to Link Voter Id Card with Aadhar Card Online

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