YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) Scheme- How to Apply , Eligibility and Benefits

AP YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) Scheme – How to Apply, Eligibility and Benefits: YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra scheme is a program of Andhra Pradesh government. The scheme aims to provide assistance in creating job opportunities to migrant workers who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic. Under this scheme, the central government will see that jobs are provided to the eligible in the agricultural sector and also in allied sectors using the NREGA ACT (National Employment Guarantee Act). This ensures that the migrant workers will not have to search for jobs in other states. The beneficiaries can get financial help of Rs. 300 to 500 per day per head. The scheme is in its initial states and to get more details about the eligibility and application process, one has to wait for few more days.

YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) Scheme

Eligibility For YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) Scheme

YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra scheme is available to only those who are permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh. They have to be farmers or labourers. Migrant workers who were working in other states buts returned to Andhra Pradesh due to Corona Virus breakdown are also eligible. They must be unemployed now. Beneficiaries can be from any of the 13 states of the state.

YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) Scheme Documents Required

How to Apply For YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

The scheme is yet to be launched and so there is no information regarding the application process. The official website is also not yet open. But the applicant will have to have an ID proof such as Aadhar card and address proof to show that they are the permanent residents of the state. The applicants must register themselves for NREGA and should have a job card. Other required documents would be recent passport size photos, valid mobile number, ration card, voter ID card and they might also have to provide the bank account details.

Benefits of this Scheme

Under the YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra scheme, the government ensures that the farmers and migrant workers who returned from other states to Andhra Pradesh get employment opportunities under NREGA. The jobs and works that will be available for the beneficiaries are crushing, fertilization, harvesting, land preparation, pesticide sprinkling, ploughing, seeding picking, weeding etc. migrant workers will be appointed on daily wages. This helps them to be financially independent.   

YSR Rythu Seva lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) Scheme