What is LRS ? Benefits and Who can apply for LRS ?

LRS or Layout Regularization Scheme is a government of Telangana scheme to regularize the
unapproved layouts and illegal layouts. Applicants can get their layout approvals from the concerned
authorities easily by paying the stipulated amount for their plot or a building. The land which is divided and
sold as plots without approval from the authorities can now get approval from the authorities.
According to the officials, all the illegal layouts in which 10% of plots are sold before August 26 through a registered deed can now get regularized. Henceforth such plots can be sold or building approval
construction can be obtained only if the plots or layouts or regularized. Another thing that one has to
remember is that only those layouts will be regularized that are not in the bed of rivers of nalas, ponds,
cheruvu, Kunta or lake.

What is LRS? Benefits and Who can apply for LRS?

Benefits of LRS

Layout regulation scheme is applicable to gram panchayats falling under urban development limits in
sanctioned plans. If the unapproved layout is not regularized within the deadline, no building permit
is given for construction in these layouts. Penalties will be levied under amended layouts on such layouts
and plots. These areas will not get any development facilities such as roads, drainage, and drinking
water of street lights. In the coming days, no unauthorized plot will be registered by the registration
department. Thus it is important to get the layouts and plots regularized. So that they will become
eligible for the development works of the government.

Who can apply for LRS?

Telangana government announced the LRS 2020 and announces August 26 as the cutoff date. This
applies to TS metropolitan development authority, Municipal Corporation, municipalities and Gram
Panchayats. The government suggested that LRS applications should be filled online before 15th of October.
LRS registration fee is Rs. 1000, layout application fee is Rs. 10,000 and regularization fees below 100
yards plot is Rs. 200 per yard and so on. Officials asked all the urban areas people to make use of this
scheme. All the plot owners who have individual pots in layouts that have no approval and have
registered title deed that was applied before 31 August 2019 can apply for this scheme.

What is LRS? Benefits and Who can apply for LRS?

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