West Bengal GPF Slip Download Online at agwb.cag.gov.in

West Bengal GPF Slip Download Online at agwb.cag.gov.in: West Bengal Employee GPF Slip 2024 is a statement that shows the account balance and transaction details of the GPF for West Bengal government employees. The WB GPF (General Provident Fund) allows state employees to save for retirement. If they join, they can put money away for their golden years.

The West Bengal government is committed to giving its employees good services. The GPF is one of these plans that helps government workers have enough money when they retire. The West Bengal Government gives its employees GPF slips every year. The GPF slip shows how much the employee put into the fund, how much interest was earned, and how much cash was withdrawn.

West Bengal GPF Slip Download Online

West Bengal GPF Slip Download Online

Accessing the GPF statement online is an easy way for employees to keep track of their savings and make better financial plans. Keeping track of your GPF (General Provident Fund) slip is important if you work in West Bengal.
This GPF annual statement is proof that you put money into the fund, and it is required for any employee who wants to borrow money or take money out of the account.
This article will tell you everything you need to know about the West Bengal Employee GPF Account Slip 2023

Steps to Register West Bengal GPF

To access West Bengal GPF online or to reset a password, a person needs to give their information and sign up for a West Bengal GPF account.
1) You can get your Employee ID, Department Code, Name, and Birth Date.
2) Get the employee’s mobile number and their most up-to-date information.
3) Send an email with these details to edpfnd-agae-wb@nic.in.
4) Once you get the email, your account may be activated and sent for registration with the requested details.
West Bengal GPF gives each subscriber a unique password that can be used to get to the General Provident Fund page.

Steps to Download WB Employee GPF Slip 2023

The WB Employee GPF Slip 2023 is easy to get online and can be done quickly. By following the steps below, employees can easily get their WB GPF Slip online:
1) Employees need to go to https://cag.gov.in/ae/west-bengal/, the West Bengal Accountant General’s website.
2) In the Menu section under “Online Services”, click on GPF > GPF Subscriber Login.

3) Then, the page will redirect to the “Subscriber Login” page. Select your Series code. Enter your GPF number and then your Date of Birth. Enter your password and the security code that appears in the box. To open the West Bengal GPF Account page, click the “Submit” button.

4) Select the GPF Pay Slip option and choose a year from the list. Choose the month and year for the report to show up on the screen.
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West Bengal GPF Slip Download Online