Wayanad district Police Stations Phone Numbers in Kerala State

Wayanad district Police Stations Phone Numbers in Kerala State
: Wayanad district has 3 taluks they are Sulthan Bathery, Vythiri, Mananthavady. The Revenue Division is further divided into Circle Offices which is headed by an Inspector. A Circle consists of police stations headed by an inspector or sub-inspector. The police department is committed a serving the needs of the citizens by providing them effective and efficient services. Here we are Listed below Wayanad District Police Stations Email id’s and cell phone numbers in Kerala state.
Wayanad district Police Stations Phone Numbers

Wayanad district Police Stations Phone Numbers

From registering complaints to knowing your case status, all this and much more can be done with just a few clicks. Also, we have listed the villages of Wayanad district .

The services offered online by Wayanad police department include –

1)Passport status
2)eChallan status
3)Report a crime
4)Safety tips
5)Eve teasing complaints
6)Domestic Violence complaints
7)Dowry harassment complaints
8)Internet frauds
9)Property frauds
10)Job frauds
11)Child protection
12)Women protection
14)Missing persons report
15)Traffic police help
16)Foreigners’ registration

List of Police Stations Phone Numbers in Wayanad district of Kerala State

Designation Email Phone
District Police Chief spwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497996974
DySP, Administration dyspadmwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990124
DySP, District Special Branch dyspsbwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990125
DySP, District Crime Records Bureau dyspdcrbwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990126
DySP, District Crime Branch dyspsbcidwyd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990127
DySP, Narcotic Cell dyspnarwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990129
DySP, SMS dyspsmswynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990128
DySP, Kalpetta dyspkptwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990130
DySP, Mananthavady dyspmtvdwyd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497990131
AC, AR, Wayanad ac1arwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987368
RI, AR Camp Not Available 9497987368
IP, Women Cell ciwmncelwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987202
Station Name Email Phone
Kalpetta Police Station shokptpswynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987196
Meppadi Police Station shomeppadwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980818
Vythiri Police Station shovythirwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987198
Padinjarathara Police Station shopdjwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980819
Meenangadi Police Station shomnngdiwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987197
Kambalakkad Police Station shokmblkdwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980813
Mananthavady shomtvypswynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987199
Thalappuzha Police Station shothlpzawynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980823
Thirunelli Police Station shotrnlywynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980824
Vellamunda Police Station shovlmndawynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980825
Sulthan Bathery Police Station shosbthwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987200
Ambalavayal Police Station shoambvylwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980810
Pulpally Police Station shopplywynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497987201
Kenichira Police Station sikenchpswyd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980814
Panamaram Police Station shopanamaramwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980836
Traffic Unit.Kalpetta sitraffickptwynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980829
Traffic Unit-Mananthavady sitrafficmdywynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980831
Traffic Unit-Sulthan Bathery sitrafficsbywynd.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497980832
Control Room Wayanad Not Available 9497980827

Wayanad district Police Stations Phone Numbers