Warangal district Profile | Tourist places in Warangal district

Warangal district Profile |  Tourist places in  Warangal district : Warangal district is one of the important districts in the newly formed Telangana state of South India. This is located at a distance of 157 km from the Telangana capital city Hyderabad. Warangal district is spread over an area of 12,846 square meters and has 32,31,174 population as per 2001 census. The district is famous for black and brown granite mines. Major crops are cotton, rice, chilly and tobacco.

Warangal district Profile | Tourist places in Warangal district

Warangal was the capital of Kakatiya kings who rules in 12–14 centuries BC. There are many constructions of Kakatiyas in the districts.Warangal fort, Ramappa temple are few popular constructions. Kakatiya rulers were mentioned in the writings of Marco polo. History of Warangal is very rich. Ganapatideva Chakravarthy, Rudrama Devi and Pratapa Rudra are the popular kings belonging to Kakatiya dynasty. The ruling of Kakatiya’s ended when they were defeated by Delhi Tuglaq Sultans in 14th century. It became a part of Mughal kingdom when Aurangzeb occupied Golconda fort in 1687. In 1948,Warangal becomes a part of India along with Hyderabad.

Warangal district tourist attractions 

 Warangal fort: Warangal fort existed since 13th century. It is at a distance of two km from Warangal town.

 Thousand pillar temple: This was built by Kakatiya king Rudradeva in 11 th century in the architecture style of Chalukyas. This is at a distance of 5 km from Warangal and is in the center of Hanmakonda. This was built in the year 1163. Main deity in the temple is Lord Shiva.

 Ramappa temple: Ramappa temple is also called the Ramalingeswara temple. This is in Palampet which is at a distance of 70 km from Warangal town. This is one of the popular temples in the districts. This temple is believed to be constructed by Recharla Rudrayya.

 Pakala lake: This is another major attraction in the district. There is also a wide life sanctuary where we can see deers, leopards and hyenas etc.

 Bhadrakali temple: Sri Bhadrakali temple is located in the middle of Warangal district. The temple is beside the Bhadrakali lake. Dusshera festival is celebrated grandly here for the nine days. Central government of India recognized Warangal as a heritage city. The historical construction in the town is the reason to get this recognition. There are many tourist attractions in the district and the number of tourists coming to visit the place is increasing every year.

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