Wanaparthy District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State

Wanaparthy District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State: Wanaparthy District is a district in Telangana state in India. From this district, only the first polytechnic college started in Telangana. Before, it was a part of Mahabubnagar District, and later, it became the district of Telangana state. These districts are a part of Telangana state. Wanaparthy District has 1 revenue division and 13 mandals. The sex ratio in the district is 968 females per 1000 males. The district is beautiful, and most people speak Telugu here.
Wanaparthy District with Mandals

Wanaparthy District with Mandals

The geographical area of this district is 4816.4 square kilometers. As of the 2011 census, the population of Wanaparthy District was 1238660. Most of the people from this district live in rural areas. The literacy rate of this district is low, i.e. 52.77%. The average rainfall in the district in 2014-15 was 556.7 mm. Agriculture is one of the major occupations here. Farmers here grow Rice, Jowar, Maize, Red gram, sunflower, etc. There are 23 government hospitals in Wanaparthy District. There are many schools here. Colleges like engineering colleges, polytechnic colleges, degree colleges, junior colleges, etc., are there in Wanaparthy District. The transportation system is good and well maintained.  Wanaparthy District is correctly connected by roadways and railways.

Tourist Places in Wanaparthy District

The Most Popular Tourist Destination places in Wanaparthy District are : Sri Ranganayaka Temple , Ghanpur Fort, Pangal Fort, Wanaparthy Palace , Saralasagar Project.

Mandals in Wanaparthy District

The District has 13 mandals in Wanaparthy District of Telangana state:

Revally* Gopalpet Peddamandaddi
Ghanpur Pangal Chinnambavi*
Weepangandla Srirangapur* Pebbair
Madanapur* Kothakota Amarchintha*

Wanaparthy District with Mandals and Tourist Places