Chhattisgarh Voter Card 2024 Apply Online and Offline Process

Chhattisgarh Voter Card 2024 Apply Online and Offline Process:  To participate in the democratic process and vote for their representatives, citizens in Chhattisgarh can apply for a voter ID card online and offline. This card is crucial as it grants them the right to vote and have a say in electing public officials.

The election process is fundamental to democracy, serving as its backbone. Through voting, governments are elected fairly and by popular vote, ensuring that all citizens have an equal say in the democratic process.
The Constitution of India establishes the Election Commission of India, responsible for conducting elections, registering voters, and monitoring the electoral process to prevent misconduct. Each state also has its own Election Commission, managing electoral processes within the state or union territory. This ensures proper oversight and reduces the likelihood of wrongdoing during elections.

Apart from its role in conducting elections, the Election Commission also issues electoral voter cards to eligible citizens, enabling them to vote in elections. These cards, known as EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Cards), are coloured ID cards provided to eligible voters by the ECI.

Chhattisgarh Voter Card

How to apply for New Voter ID Card Online in Chhattisgarh?

Applicants can follow the steps below to apply for a voter ID card online in Chhattisgarh.

1) Visit the Chief Electoral Officer, Chhattisgarh’s website:

Chief Electoral Officer Chhattisgarh Website
2) Select ‘For Voters’. Under it, click the ‘Apply online in NVSP for Add Your Name in Electoral Roll / Correction ‘ link.
Chhattisgarh Voter Card

3) It Redirects to the ( Portal. Register on the website and sign in with your login credentials.

Chhattisgarh Voter Card Login
4) Click “New registration for general electors” under the “forms” section in the left corner.
New registration for general electors

5) After clicking on the “Fill Form.”  It Redirects to the “Form 6” Online Application Page. There you need to fill in the following sections.

A. Select State, District & AC
B. Personal Details
C. Relatives Details
D. Contact Details
E. Aadhaar Details
F. Gender
G. Date of Birth details
H. Present Address Details
I. Disability Details
J. Family Member Details
K. Declaration
L. Captcha
6) Fill in the above sections and click the “Preview and Submit” button.
7) After submitting the application Reference number will be generated, which can be used to track the application.
8) A Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit to verify the information provided in the application after processing it.
9) After the details are confirmed, the voter ID card will be sent to the address on the application form.

How to apply for a Voter ID Card offline in Chhattisgarh?

Applicants from Chhattisgarh can also apply for a voter ID card offline by following the instructions below:

1) Visit a nearby electoral office and obtain a copy of Form 6, the form for adding your name to the electoral roll.
2) Send the completed form and supporting documents to the electoral office.
3) On receipt of the form, an application number will be generated, which can be used to track the application.
4) After the application has been processed, a Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit to verify the information provided.
5) The voter ID card will be mailed to the applicant’s address after verification.

Chhattisgarh Voter Card Apply Online and Offline