Transgender ID Card Application Form 2024 : Apply Online

Transgender ID Card Application Form 2024 – Apply Online: Thawar Chand Gehlot, the Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, has opened a portal for gender certificates for transgender people. Transgender people can use the portal to upload an affidavit that says their gender. Transgender people can apply for “Gender Identity Certificates Online” through this portal, which was set up by the government.

Transgender ID Card Application

Transgender ID Card Application Form

By uploading the Affidavit that says what gender they are, the District Magistrates can use that information to give them their Identity Certificates. This portal also lets them register their complaints and builds a database of the people in their community.
You can check the Transgender Affidavit format pdf that we have given you. This article will discuss the Transgender ID Card in India, the Transgender Online Application form for ID Cards, and how to apply for a third-gender ID card online.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Transgender ID Card

Before filling out the online application form, transgender people who want a National Portal transgender ID card must ensure they meet the requirements.
1) The only people who can apply for this Portal are Indian citizens or permanently living in India.
2) Only people who are part of the Transgender community can sign up for the newly launched Transgender Portal.

Documents Required for Applying for a Transgender ID Card

To apply for a Transgender ID Card, you must have the following documents.
1) Income certificate
2) Aadhar Card
3) Ration card
4) Mobile/contact number
5) Passport-size photograph
6) Residence certificate

Transgender ID Card Application Form 2023

Applicants who are transgender can now get their Identity Cards (I Cards) without having to talk to anyone in person or go to an office. Candidates can fill out the Transgender ID Card Application Form and check on the status of their application through the portal, ensuring the process is clear. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to complete the online registration form for a Transgender ID Card.

Steps to Sign Up on ( Portal

1) First, visit the official website of the National Portal For Transgender:
2) On the Menu, click the “REGISTRATION” tab or directly click
3) Then, it redirects to the “REGISTRATION” page, where you need to fill in the details like your Full Name, Email, and Mobile Number, Select Your State, enter the captcha below, and click on the “Register” button.
When you register successfully, the system will send you a confirmation message to your registered email with your credentials.
After this step, you’ll need to sign in to the same portal with the username/Email ID and password sent to you by email. Enter the text in the CAPTCHA box and then click SIGN IN.

How to Apply for Transgender Certificate Online

Here’s how to fill out the Transgender ID Card online application form 2022 given below
1) First, visit the official website of the National Portal For Transgender:
2)On the Menu, click on the “APPLICANT LOGIN” tab or directly click
3) A dashboard will open there. You need to click on “New Application.
4) When you click “New application,” you will be taken to the page above.
The drop-down menu has two categories: “New” and “Revised.”
  • Use the drop-down menus to choose the state and district.
  • Enter your given name and the name you’ve changed it to in capital letters.
  • Choose the name printed on the certificate (Given or Chosen). Type in the name of your parent and their phone number.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Assigned gender and requested application.
  • List your annual income along with your education level.
  • You can select your birth date from the box and then use the calendar to select the date, month, and year.
  • You need to upload the correct document, which you can do by picking one from the list.
  • Click the “Browse” button.
  • The chosen file will be uploaded along with the images on your screen, as described above.
  • Select “Upload” from the menu.
  • The Add More option allows you to add other documents with images.
  • Following the document upload, you can view the same.
  • You have to put in your permanent address.
  • Enter the full address for communication purposes. This includes the plot or house number, the name of the road or neighborhood, a landmark, etc.

  • City
    : Give the name of your city, town, or village.
  • Pin Code: Give your valid PIN code number.
  • After you click “Save and Next,” you can see the page below.

My ApplicationĀ  log:

Here, you can view your application details.
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Transgender ID Card Application Form

How to Apply Online for a Transgender Certificate & Identity Card