The Clever Fisherman Short Story – Story Info

The Clever Fisherman Short Story: A Clever fisherman lived in a village, near the coast. In his hut, he had two pet water crows, Kalu and Lalu. They helped him to catch fish room from the sea.

Every day, he would take them in his boat into the deep sea. First, he would tie their feet so that they couldn’t run away. Then he would use a soft thread as a loop around their neck so that they wouldn’t swallow the fish that they had caught. As soon as the water crows would catch fish after diving in the sea, the fisherman would pull out and remove the fish out of their mouths.

The Clever Fisherman

Water crows are known to be good swimmers. They catch fish by deep diving. Hence, fisherman keeps them for fishing.

One night, Kalu and Lalu were watching the fisherman with the fishes.

Kalu said, “Friend, we serve out master so well. We catch such big fishes for him and yet he never feeds us well.!”

“Yes, you are right. This fisherman is very clever. He keeps the big fishes for himself and gives us the small, insipid, fishes to eat!” answered Lalu.

“He thinks that he is smart and we are fools, Maybe, he is unaware that water crows can count up to seven. After catching seven fishes, we have to demand our share,” said Kalu. He was furious. “I wish we could count up to a hundred. Then we will know how many fishes we catch for him every day. This may have helped us to get our fair share from him,” said Lalu.

Kalu brushed his feathers and said, “ I sometimes feel like running away from the fisherman’s captivity. At least, I would be able to eat to my heart’s content, like other water crows”

“I wish I would flee. He keeps our legs tied up all the time. If only we could open this rope somehow, we can fly away,” said Lalu, while trying to open the knot of the rope with his break.

Both of them tries to open the rope. Despite their best efforts, they were unsuccessful in doing so. At last, they got very tired and gave up.

Meanwhile, the fisherman was busy preparing a delicious fish recipe. His entire hut was filled with the aroma of fish being cooked. After some time, when the dish was ready, the fisherman ate it all alone, licking his fingers in enjoyment. The poor water crows could only look!

The next day, the fisherman reached the deep sea with his water crows in his boat.

He put the thread loop around their necks and said, “ Go, my dear water crows, get some big fishes for me. I will give you many fishes to eat in return.”

“No, we won’t go to catch fish today. You take the big fishes and leave the tasteless, tiny ones for us! Therefore, we have decided we won’t catch fishes!” Kalu announced.

“Yes, we understand your cleverness. So, no more co-operation from us,” said Lalu as he stood in agreement with his friend. Seeing this sudden revolt, the fisherman was startled.

He tightened the noose around their neck and shouted, “How dare you disobey me! Get the fishes for me or I will choke you to death!”

“No…please don’t do that or else we will die. We are ready to catch fish, so loosen the thread,” Kalu and Lalu screamed, amidst coughing as the noose tightened.