Telangana Ku Haritha Haram Scheme

Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme, Haritha Haram in Telugu, Haritha Haram Scheme Details, Importance of Haritha Haram Scheme, Haritha Haram Scheme in Telangana: Telangana Ku Haritha Haram Scheme was launched by Telangana chief minister Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao to increase trees cover from 24% to 33% in Telangana. On 15th August 2016, Sri Rao has announced some Haritha Mitra awards also. As obviously, we know that population is increasing day by day. The ozone layer has been depleted because of this pollution. So the government is taking some steps to control this pollution. For this purpose, only the Telangana government has started a scheme to save trees and increase the population of trees. So in our article, Telangana Ku Haritha Haram Scheme we will tell you the full details about this Haritha Haram Scheme. This will help Telangana to be a rich greenery state.

 Haritha Haram Scheme

Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme:

Haritha Haram Scheme flagship program of the Telangana Government aims to increase the present 24% tree cover in the State to 33% of the total geographical area of the State. The main areas to achieve these goals are to increase and take care of trees in notified forest areas and the other is to take care of the area outside this forest area. The first objective can be achieved by taking care of degraded lands in forests, ensuring the safety of forests against fire, smuggling, and other hazards. People send their cattle to graze in the forest. But as no one is caring about forests now so they don’t have any right to use it. The main objective is to plant around 230 crores of plants in Telangana under Haritha Haram Scheme. In our article, Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme we will tell you full details of this scheme.

Objective of Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme:

* To make Telangana a green state by planting trees, which will cover at least 1/3rd area of Telangana.

* To protect forests from smuggling, fire hazard, and other problems.
* To control pollution to some extent.

Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme Slogans:

* Plant a sapling today for a Green Telangana.

* Plant a tree Save the nature.
* ‎Each One Plant Makes One Green Telangana State.
* Plant a tree plant a life.

Plan of Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme:

* The target of the Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme is to plant 230 crores of plants.
* In the forest area, about 100 crores of plant and in the non-forest area, 120 crores of plant.
* Around 3300 nurseries will get around these many plants to take care of before planting.

Helpline Number for Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme:

* HMDA has opened a helpline number 7306780790 with an extension no.6.
* It will be used mainly to facilitate distribution of plants on free of cost to the public under Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme.
* One can get information regarding any plants and nursery in Telangana.
* Also, you can use the website to know this information.

Telangana Haritha Haram Scheme

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