Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2024 – Online Apply, Benefits

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2024 – Online Apply, Benefits: Telangana is known for its skilled weavers who use handlooms. The government of Telangana has set up the Chenetha Maggam Scheme to help handloom weavers. Through this scheme, the government will make small changes to the tools and way of life of the handloom weavers in Telangana. Their money situation will get better. Under this scheme, pit looms will be changed into frame looms. The goal of this scheme is to help spinners make more money. The government will replace old tools with better ones and raise the pay of handloom weavers simultaneously. Read on for more information on the Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme.

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2024

On National Handloom Day, the handloom minister of Telangana State gave a special gift to the state’s weavers. Handloom Minister Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao announced this scheme on August 7, 2023, which was Handloom Day. As part of this scheme, everyone who weaves by hand in Telangana State will get new machines. All of the used machines will be replaced with new machines. Handloom makers will also get ID cards from the government.
This program was started to help handloom makers make more and better things. The government will change pit looms into frame looms as part of this scheme. The government has raised the age at which handloom workers can retire from 59 to 75. With this program, each machine will be replaced for RS 38,000. If a handloom weaver dies, RS 5 lakh will be put into the family’s bank account within 10 days.

Overview of Scheme

Scheme Name Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme
Initiated by Telangana Government
Launched on August 7th 2023
Beneficiaries Telangana State’s Handloom Weavers
Registration mode   Online or Offline mode
Official website

The objective of the Scheme

One of the scheme’s main goals is to change all pit looms to frame looms. So that each skilled handloom weaver can improve the quality of their work and change the rate at which they work.

Eligibility Criteria for Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme

Those who want to apply for the scheme must meet the following requirements:
1) The candidate must have a permanent address in Telangana State.
2) Handloom weavers in the state can get help from the scheme.

Documents Required

Below are the following Documents required while applying for the Chenetha Maggam Scheme:
1) Aadhaar Card
2) Resident proof.
3) Date of birth certificate.
4) Firm Registration Number
5) Bank Account Details
6) Passport size photo
7) Mobile Number
8) Pitt Looms Invoice

Benefits of the Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme

Here are some of the most important benefits of the Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme:
1) The Chenetha Maggam Scheme was made by the government of Telangana for people who weave on handlooms.
2) all pit looms will be switched out for frame looms under this scheme.
3) This scheme will give help to people who weave on handlooms.
The 40,000 industrial units that depend on the handloom industry will be helped by this scheme.
4) Weavers who use handlooms will also get ID cards.
5) Ex-gratia will increase from Rs. 12,500 to Rs. 25,000 for member weavers, so handloom weavers’ finances might improve.
6) handloom employees can improve their way of life by participating in this program.
7) The Chenetha Maggam Scheme will be used by the whole state.

Application Procedure for Chenetha Maggam Scheme

The scheme was just put in place by the government of Telangana. The official website for this has not been made public by the government yet, but it will be soon. This post will be updated once new information about this scheme is available.
Helpline Number: 040-23221684

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2024