Telangana Asara Pension Scheme Full Details in Telangana State

Telangana Asara Pension Scheme Full Details in Telangana State: The Telangana government has introduced “Aasara” pensions to provide a dignified and secure existence for the impoverished.

The ‘Aasara’ pension scheme is intended to protect the most vulnerable members of society, including the elderly and infirm, those with HIV/AIDS, widows, disabled weavers, and toddy tappers who have lost their means of subsistence with advancing age, to support their minimum day-to-day needs required to live with dignity and social security.

The Telangana government introduced “Aasara, “a new pension plan, which increased the monthly pension for the elderly, widows, weavers, toddy tappers, and AIDS patients from Rs. 200 to Rs.

The government has spent Rs 4,700 crore on pensions for 37,65,304 individuals, including senior citizens, widows, the physically disabled, the impoverished and elderly artists, and beedi employees. This is a 478 percent increase over previous schemes.

Telangana Assara Pension Scheme

Telangana Asara Pension Scheme

The Telangana Government started EFT seva, which means the pension amount is directly transferred to the pensioner’s bank account. There is no need for intermediary persons. This is a good one.

The pension amount per month for the following categories of pensioners as detailed below:

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Telangana Assara Pension Scheme
SN Category(Vargam) Monthly Pension Amount (Rs.)
1 Old age(Vruddhulu) 2,016
2 Widow(Vitantuvulu) 2,016
3 Disabled(Vikalangulu) 3,016
4 Weavers(Cheneta Karmikulu) 2,016
5 Toddy Tappers(Kallu Geeta Karmikulu) 2,016
6 Persons with HIV-AIDS 2,016

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Sno pension eligibility Details
1 Old Age Age 65 years and above.
  • Age should be as per the age criteria given above
  • It should be established clearly by documentary evidence such as a birth certificate, electoral roll, Aadhaar card, or any document showing proof of age.
  • Suppose no document is available to prove age. In that case, the verification officer must be able to arrive at a rational assessment of the age by corroborating with other factors such as the age of children, grandchildren’s marriage, etc.
  • Indeterminate persons shall be referred to the Medical Board for age assessment through tests such as ossification and recorded documentation.
2 weavers Age 50 years and above.
3 Widow
  • Age 18 years and above.
  • Death certificate of her husband.
  • Every year, there is an updation on re-marriage for young widows (up to 45 Years)
  • For widow pensions, the spouse’s death certificate must be eligible.
  • Where the death certificate is unavailable, a local inquiry may be made, following which the death certificate, as per the Birth and Death Registration Act, will have to be obtained in the next three months. In remarriage, the Village Secretaries must certify yearly that the individual has not remarried.
4 Toddy Tappers Age 50 years and above.
  • For Toddy Tapper pensions, the verification should be confirmed whether the beneficiary is a registered member of the Co-Operative Society of Toddy Tappers.
5 Pension to persons with HIV-AIDS (ART pension) Who is undergoing anti-retroviral therapy (ART)?
  • Medical certificate from the concerned hospital that an applicant is a person with HIV-AIDS
  • A list of names can also be obtained from the ART Centre duly certified by the authority heading the center
6 Differently Abled (persons with disabilities)
  • Irrespective of age.
  • Disabled persons have a minimum of 40% disability under the SADAREM assessment.
  • The minimum disability for the Hearing Impaired should be 51% (as per G.O.Ms No. 31, dated 01-12-2009).

(In case of a minor child, the pension shall be disbursed to the mother/father of the disabled child)

  • For disability pensions, persons with a SADAREM certificate showing a degree of disability of 40% and above are eligible.
  • In the case of the Hearing impaired, the minimum disability should be 51%.
For Any information about ASARA SCHEME, call the toll-free number: 18002001001.

Telangana Asara Pension Scheme