Srikakulam District Profile | Srikakulam History | Tourist Places

Srikakulam District Profile : Srikakulam district is one of the 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh. Area of the district is 5837

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square kilometers. There are ten assembly constituencies in the district. The district is divided

into 3 revenue divisions and 38 mandals. Major towns in the district are Srikakulam,

Amudalavalasa, Tekkali, Narasapuram, Rajaam and Palasa.

Kolkota-Chennai national highway no. 5 and Chennai-Kolkata railway line goes through the

district. The borders of the district are Orissa state on North, Bay of Bengal in south and

Vijayanagaram district on west. Major rivers that flow in the district are the Naagavali and


Srikakulam District

Let us now know about the rich Srikakulam district history. This region was under the rule of

Mouryas, Satavahanas, Gangarajus, Gajapathis and others. During the British rule, it was a part

of Orissa state. After India go independence, it was merged into Andhra Pradesh state in 1953.

Mandals in Srikakulam District

Amadalavalasa Bhamini Burja
Etcherla Ganguvarisigadam Gara
Hiramandalam Ichapuram Jalumuru
Kanchili Kaviti Kotabommili
Kotturu L.n Peta Laveru
Mandasa Meliaputti Nandigam
Narasannapeta Palakonda Palasa
Pathapatnam Polaki Ponduru
Rajam Ranastalam Regidi Amadalavalasa
Santhabommali Santhakavati Saravakota
Sarubujjili Seethampeta Sompeta
Srikakulam Tekkali Vajrapukotturu
Vangara Veeraghattam

The district is divided

into 3 revenue divisions and 38 mandals. Major towns in the district are Srikakulam,

Amudalavalasa, Tekkali, Narasapuram, Rajaam and Palasa.

Tourist Places in Srikakulam District

 The list of popular Srikakulam district tourist places is given here.

1) Arasavilli: Arasavilli is near Srikakulam. The attraction of this temple is that the sun rays

enter the main temple and touch the feet of main deity in the temple twice every year –

in March and October.

2) Kalingapatnam: This is a historical commercial port center. River Vamsadhara merges

into Bay of Bengal here. Darga Sharif, Sheikh Madina Aqulin are the major attractions

here. There is also a light house that is visible up to 23 kilometers.

3) Baruva: This is another popular tourist spot in Srikakulam district. River Mahendra

Tanaya merges in the sea here. There are Kotilingeswara Swamy temple, Janardhana

swamy temples here. Once this was an important port.

4) Ponduru: Ponduru is famous for the Khadi clothes that are made here.

5) Mandasa: This village lies at the foothills of Mahendragiri and there is Varaha Swamy

temple here. The fort in Mandasa is said to be one of the highest fort in India.

6) Kaviti is at a distance o 130 kilometers from Srikakulam. This is called another

Konaseema. There are temples of Chintamani Maata and Sri Seetarama Swamy.

7) Telineelapuram reminds us of Siberia birds. Every September, Pelican and Painted Storks

birds reach Telineelaapuram and return back to their places in April.

8) Mogadaalapaadu beach: This is located in the Gara mandal of Srikakulam district. This

is the most visited beach after Kalingapatnam in this district. This is at a distance of

twenty kilometers from Srikakulam town. There is a 200 meter long bridge that is built

into the sea. Thousands of people come here to take bath during auspicious days.

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