Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple, Durki in Kamareddy District – How to Reach

Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple, Durki in Kamareddy District: Durki is an important village from the past. It is in the Nasrullabad Zone of the Kamareddy District. One of the Sapta Rishis, Atri, used to be called Durvasa Maharshi. He lived in the village of Durki and did penance there. People say this town is also called Durki, after Durvasu. The Somalingeswara Temple is on the edge of the village of Durki. Historians say that the temple was built during the Kalyani Chanukyas period.

Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple

Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple

During the Kakatiya era, a king named Somnath was in charge of Banswada, Kotagiri, and Varni. Since the king didn’t have a son, Lord Shiva came to where the temple is now and gave birth to a child. The king’s sons were named Someshwars after him, according to history. Someshwar III may have built the temple, but no one is sure.

The whole temple is made of stone. Most Hindu temples have their doors on the east side. But the west side is where the entrance to the temple is. Locals say that the main Shiva lingam in the temple was about the size of a fist 50 years ago and is getting bigger every day. Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha also have statues in the temple. In addition to the Ashtamukhi lingam, the temple grounds have many other lingams in different shapes.

Every year, Shivratri celebrations are held at this temple. The festival brings in tens of thousands of people from the district and other districts and states like Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.

How to Reach Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple

By Air:

Currently, Kamareddy doesn’t have an airport that can be used. The airports closest to Nasrullabad are Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport Nanded, 118 km away, and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad, 176 km away.

By Road:

The village of Durki is 7 km from Banswada, which is on the road to Nizamabad and Bodan. From Nizamabad, it’s 45 km to Durki, and from Kamareddy, it’s 63 km. Both places can be reached by road.

By Train:

You can take a train from Secundrabad (SC) or Kacheguda (KCG) to get to Kamareddy. The train travel from Secundrabad to Kamareddy takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. You can also take a train from Secundrabad (SC) or Kacheguda (KCG) to get to Nizamabad. The train ride from Secundrabad to Nizamabad takes about 3 hours.

Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple