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Siddulagutta Armoor Temple in Nizamabad: The Sri Navanatha Siddeshwara temple is in the town of Armoor, which is about 27 km northeast of the district of Nizamabad. Around this temple, there are beautiful rock formations that go on for up to 2 km. There is a story about this hill, which is why it is called Navanathapura. On the hillock, there are several temples, including Shivalayam, Ramalayam, Hanuma Temple, and Durga Devi Temple. All of these temples are thought to be Swayambhu Temples. There is a Shiva Temple inside these caves. The Shiva Lingam is said to be swaymbhu, which means it came into being on its own. The door to this cave temple is only about three feet tall. Just outside the narrow cave’s exit is a place called Ramalayam and a temple tank called Jeeva Koneru.

Siddulagutta Armoor Temple in Nizamabad

Siddulagutta Armoor Temple

Fifteen years ago, a ghat road was built straight through the rock formation to Siddulagutta. There is also a path from the Gol Bungalow to the temple for people who want to walk up to the temple.

How to Reach Siddulagutta Armoor Temple

By Air

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is approximately 190 kilometers from Nizamabad.

By Train

Both the Armoor and Nizamabad train stations are conveniently close by. Trains travelling through Nizamabad will always stop there.

By Road

Siddulagutta is 25 kilometers from Nizamabad Town and is accessible by road.

Siddulagutta Armoor Temple in Nizamabad