How to search and activate an inoperative bank account Online

How to search and activate an inoperative bank account
: If there have been no transactions in a bank account for more than 2 years, the account is considered inoperative and is therefore regarded as inactive. Inactive bank accounts are “inoperative” accounts because of their lack of activity. When a bank account becomes inactive, the person who has the account is unable to do business using the account. The term inactive or inoperative refers to either a current or savings account.

How to search and activate an inoperative bank account

There is a distinction between an inactive and an inoperative bank account. If a bank account has not been used for years and no valid receipt or money withdrawal transaction has occurred, the bank will contact the account holder. If the bank does not receive a response, the account holder will be notified via email or postal mail two to three months in advance that their bank account status will be changed to ‘inactive.’

Check to see if the bank has already rendered your account inactive. You can also check the bank’s website to see if your account has been inactive. All inactive accounts are kept on file by banks, and information regarding those accounts is easily searchable on their websites. Below, we have listed all the banks’ website’s inoperative URLs. By clicking on the link, you can check the status of your account.

Sno Bank Name Website Url
1 SBI Bank Inoperative Account
2 HDFC Bank Inoperative Account
3 ICICI Bank Inoperative Account
4 UCO Bank Inoperative Account
5 Central Bank Inoperative Account
6 PNB Bank Inoperative Account
7 Federal Bank Inoperative Account
8 Bank Of Baroda Bank Inoperative Account
9 Union Bank Inoperative Account

How to Activate an inoperative bank account

There are 3 ways to activate an inoperative bank account: by going to the Account branch.

1) Application:

The branch manager must receive a written request to revalidate the inactive account. The justification for the account not functioning correctly should also be included. All joint account holders are required to sign the application.

2) KYC documentation :

New KYC documents must be submitted along with the request to revalidate the inactive account. These include a photograph, PAN, proof of address, and identification as accepted by the bank.
3) Transaction:
To activate the account, the account holder must perform a transaction, such as depositing money.


According to RBI guidelines, the bank must not charge fees to activate the inactive account.

How to search and activate an inoperative bank account

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