SBI ATM Franchise – How to Apply for and Earn Money through SBI ATM

SBI ATM Franchise – How to Apply for and Earn Money through SBI ATM: Are you looking for a good way to make money? What’s better than having a job and your own small business? Great! This article will help you find one of the best business opportunities that will never end. So you can make money from home by running a Bank ATM business. How to start an ATM business? And how much money the SBI ATM franchise can make you. If you take the Bank ATM Franchise of State Bank of India ATM, you can make a lot of money (SBI ATM). By investing Rs 5 lakh once, you can earn up to Rs 70,000 monthly.

SBI ATM Franchise

SBI ATM Franchise

Below we have provided complete information regarding the Documents Required, How to Apply, the Investment required and many more.

SBI ATM Requirements

Below is the list of SBI ATM Requirements:
1) 50-80 SQF Area.
2) 100 Meter distance from Other ATM
3) ATM should have at least 300 Daily transaction
4) 24 Hrs Electricity supply with 1 KW electricity connection
5) Fixed roof for ATM Business
6) Ground floor with good visibility
7) NOC from society and authority to use V-SAT

Documents Required

Below is the list of Documents Required to apply SBI ATM Franchise:
1) Aadhaar Card
2) Pan Card
3) Voter Card
4) Ration card
5) electricity bill
6) Bank account and passbook
7) Photograph, E-mail ID, Phone No
8) GST number
9) Financial documents required by the company

Investment Required For SBI ATM Franchise

For an SBI ATM, you have to keep a security deposit of 2 lakhs. It can be paid back in full. Aside from this, you also need Rs 3 lakh in working capital. Up to Rs 5, lakh will be spent altogether. The Indiacash website is where you can apply for an SBI ATM franchise. It is the country’s biggest and oldest business.

Profit from SBI’s ATM franchise

The SBI ATM franchise offer is a low-cost investment that could lead to a successful small business. You can start your own business, use your space, and even help someone find a new job. Passive income can range from 60,000/- to 70,000/- per month. This happens when the ATM does between 300 and 500 transactions every day.
The SBI franchise offer pays 8rs for each cash transaction and 2rs for each other transaction. Checking your account balance, getting a summary of your account, etc., are all examples of non-cash transactions.
ROI (return on investment) is expected to be between 33 and 50% when calculated annually.
This means that if you do 300 transactions a day, you need to make at least 60k a month. Raising the minimum number of daily transactions to 500, you can make at least 70k per month.

How to Apply for an SBI ATM Franchise

Most banks in India have agreements with Tata Indicash, Muthoot ATM, and India One ATM to install ATMs. So, to get an ATM franchise from SBI or any other bank, you must fill out an application on their official websites. Be careful to only send an application through the company’s official website. Many scams mislead customers into thinking they are getting an ATM franchise.

SBI ATM Franchise – How to Apply for and Earn Money through SBI ATM