Sabarimala Room Accommodation Online Booking 2024 at

Sabarimala Room Accommodation Online Booking 2024 at The Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple is one of southern India’s most famous and oldest temples. It is open on certain days every year. The Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Dharshan began. Starting in the second or third week of September 2023, you can book a room for the whole year.

People who worship Swamy Ayyapa can book rooms online at Bookings for Ayyappa’s rooms will be possible from October 2023 to January 2024. Devotees and tourists can book tickets for Dharshan online. Kerala Temples Board made it easy for people to find places to stay in the Sabarimala Travancore Devashom Board. People who want to stay in a room or get Dharshan tickets must register on the official link as travellers or donors.

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Sabarimala Room Accommodation Online Booking

How to Register Online for Room Accommodation in Sabarimala?

To get a room and a Darshan ticket, you must fill out an online form with all your information. After that, you will be given a Username and Password. Pilgrims who have already signed up can use their Username and password to open the link and book their rooms and tickets for darshan. Follow these steps to sign up for the first time.
1) Go to the main website at
Sabarimala Room Accommodation Online Booking
2) Then, fill out all the information and submit it. Your username and password will be sent to the phone number you provided. Visit the official website link.
3) Look for a place to stay or tickets for Darshan.
When a room is booked, its state will be shown in three colors so that you can tell which dates the room is available.
4) If it’s green, There are slots available. The color red means that online viewing slots are not available. Click on the date in the calendar to see open times. To book a time, click on the “book now” button.
5) Enter the information about the devotees, and then look for rooms. There will be a lot of guest rooms and cottages in Sabarimala for pilgrims.
6) Pilgrims must show ID and turn in a Xerox copy of their ID at the office.
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Sabarimala Q Online Booking 2024

Sabarimala Room Accommodation Online Booking 2024