RTO Hypothecation Removal Process Online in Telangana Full Details

RTO Hypothecation Removal Process Online in Telangana: Many people buy new cars after getting a loan from their bank. When a car is financed, a “Finance Company Hypothecation” is put on the registration certificate. Once the loan is paid off, the “Finance Company Hypothecation” can be removed. Here’s a way to remove a Hypothecation from RC.

The car owner usually starts looking for a trusted “agent” when they need to work with the RTO. But most government procedures have become much easier in recent years, making it less important to hire these agents. Visit the right RTO based on your car’s registration number. For example, vehicles with a TS-08 registration number must go to the Uppal RTO. Still, the process is the same at all RTOs across Telangana. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of Hypothecation from RC:

Required Documents for Hypothecation Removal

Below are the documents you must bring to the RTO Office after booking the slot.

1) Acknowledgement of Slot Booking.
2) two copies of Form 35 with a Financer Stamp
3) Orginal RC
4) Vehicle Insurance
5) Address Proof  (Aadhaar Card)
6) Cover Letter or NOC (From Financer)

Steps to Book Slot for Hypothecation Removal Process Online

Below we will provide steps to remove RTO Hypothecation Removal Process Online in Telangana.

1) After you repay the loan, your bank or other financial company will give you an NOC letter and two copies of Form 35 with a Stamp on the hard copy that says the loan amount is closed.
2) Next, book the Slot before going to the RTO Office.
3) To book the Slot to remove the Hypothecation, you need to visit Telangana RTA Official Website: https://transport.telangana.gov.in/
4) In the right corner, you will find the  “For Online Services and Payments Click Here.” Just click on it
Telangana RTA Official Website
5) It Redirects to the ” Automated Online Services.” There, you will find many services related to RTO. But you must click “Hypothecation/ Hire Purchase/ Lease Termination.
6) A New Page will open; click the “Continue” Button. A Declaration Page will also open. You need to click the “I Agree” Button.
7) Then, it redirects to another page. It will ask, “Do you have the original Registration Certificate.” If you have Orginal Certificates, mark the “Yes” and click the “OK” Button.
8) After clicking on the “ok” Button, the “registration section” will show at the bottom of the page. You must enter your vehicle Registration Number, the Last 5 Digits of the chassis, and your mobile number. Click on the “Request for OTP” to get OTP for the entered mobile number. Just enter the OTP and the below captcha. Click on the “Get Details” Button.
9) on the new page, your vehicle and owner Details will be shown. Enter your Existing Financer details below and click the “Confirm” Button.
10) Then, our details will be displayed on the page. Just check whether the details are correct or not. If you have mistakes, click “edit” and make the corrections. If it’s accurate, click on the “Confirm” Button.
11) The Next Slot page will open; you must select the available slot date and time to book it.
12) The payment page will then open. Pay the amount, print the acknowledgement, and visit the RTO Office on the slot date with the above-required documents.

RTO Hypothecation Removal Process Online in Telangana