Ramappa Temple in Mulugu District of Telangana State – How to Reach & Timings

Ramappa Temple in Mulugu District of Telangana State – How to Reach & Timings: The Ramalingeswara temple, which most people call the Ramappa Temple, was built in 1213 AD. It was built when the Kakatiya kingdom was in charge. It is said to be the only temple in the country known by the name of the person who made it, Ramappa. It is dedicated to Lord Ramalingeswara.

Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple in Mulugu District

This temple, now run by The Archaeological Survey of India, shows how beautiful this area and Kakatiya rule were in the past. The tourism department has set up a restaurant and cottages by the lake. So, you can take your time exploring this beautiful temple and the surrounding area, and then you can relax at the cottages.

History of Ramappa Temple:

A few inscriptions say that the Ramappa temple was built around 1213. During the time that Kakatiya King Ganapati Deva was in charge, this temple was built. Chief Commander Recherla Rudra was to build it. But the temple became known by the name of the person who made it, Ramappa.

This temple is thought to be one of the best ones from the Middle Ages in South India. Even though Ramappa Temple is hundreds of years old and has been through many invasions and wars, it still stands in a majestic way that leaves every visitor in awe.

The architecture of Ramappa Temple

The path to the Ramappa Temple is green and lined with trees. It used to be a royal garden. Even though it was built with bricks floating on water, this temple still stands strong. It is built on a platform that is 6 feet high. A garbhagriha, an antarala, and a maha mandapam are all parts of it. The temple’s outer wall, where the main entrance gate was, is now in ruins. So, you’ll have to go through the small gate to get in. There are walls all around the main temple.

There are intricate carvings on the walls of the temple. Even the columns and ceilings have been beautifully carved. A shikhara stands in the centre of the sanctum, surrounded by the pradakshina path. There are a lot of beautifully carved pillars in front of the temple. As you walk into the temple, you will see the Lord Shiva shrine and a Nandi mandapam with Nandi. Even though the mandapa isn’t in good shape, the magnificent statue of Nandi, the divine vehicle of Lord Shiva, is not broken and is a beautiful sight.

In the temple, a 9-feet-tall Shivalingam has been put in the garbhagriha. At the entrance to Garbhagriha, carvings on the walls show different dance styles and musical instruments. It has carvings on its ceiling that show scenes from the Hindu epics Ramayana, Shiva Purana, and other old books. There are smaller shrines on both sides of the main temple. There are two shrines here: Kameswara and Koteswara. The Kameswara Temple is now in ruins. The main building of the Ramappa temple is built on a raised platform to make it stand out. This is part of the temple’s classical style. It’s a sign of how Heaven and earth are linked in the middle of both.

Timings of Ramappa Temple:

The hours that the Ramappa Temple is open for darshan are from 6 AM to 6 PM.

How to Reach Ramappa Temple:

By Road:

The roads are good in Mulugu. Mulugu can be reached from the state’s major cities by long-distance deluxe buses. Direct buses often run from the state capital, Hyderabad, to Mulugu, Mangapet, and Badhrachalam. The trip takes about 5 hours from Hyderabad.

By Train:

You can get to Mulugu by train from Warangal, which is close to many of India’s major cities. Warangal is a major train stop from Hyderabad to New Delhi and Chennai to Kolkata.

Ramappa Temple in Mulugu District