Rajoli Dam in Gadwel District of Telangana State – How to Reach

Rajoli Dam in Gadwel District of Telangana State – How to Reach: The Rajoli Dam was built on the Tungabhadra River, and the left bank canal and headworks were mainly finished by 1956. Four (4) tmcft of water were allotted by the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal-2 in 2013 to build the RDS right bank canal in the Kurnool district.

Telangana’s Mahbubnagar and Raichur districts receive irrigation water from the RDS Left Canal. 15.9 tm cft of the 17.1 tm cft that the Bachawat Tribunal had allotted for its left canal was explicitly designated for the Mahabubnagar district. The Mahabubnagar farmers are upset with the RDS left canal since it only gives them 8 to 10 tmcft when they are entitled to 15.9 tmcft.

Rajoli Dam in Gadwel

Rajoli Dam in Gadwel District

Due to high water use in Karnataka, the Rajolibanda project is not receiving sufficient continuous flows. A 20 km long tunnel connecting the upstream catchment region, which is located near 16°01′00′′N 76°32′00′′E at 475 m MSL, with the Narayanpur reservoir, which is situated across the nearby Krishna River, would be a long-term fix. Additionally, it would supply more water so that more land in the uplands of the Raichur and Mahboobnagar districts, as well as the lowlands of the Kurnool district, could be irrigated. It is possible to supply reliable Krishna river water rather than unreliable Tungabhadra river water to the 150-year-old K. C. Canal, the existing Rajolibanda left bank canal, and the current Tungabhadra Left bank canal in the Raichur district. In addition to beginning work on the Rajolibanda right bank canal, a new canal/weir would be built across the Tungabhadra river upstream of the Rajolibanda Project to transfer the increased Krishna river water for the additional irrigation in the Kurnool district (15°51′27′′N 77°01′59′′E). As a result, a sizable amount of water from the Tungabhadra reservoir would be preserved for use in projects upstream, and current projects would be guaranteed a steady supply of water.

How to Reach Rajoli Dam in Gadwel District

By Air:

The closest airport is RGIA-Hyderabad Shamshabad Airport. it is roughly 235 km from this popular tourist destination.
By Train:
The closest railway station, Manopad, is around 20 kilometers away.
By Road:
The Rajoli Mandal is not far from this location, and there are road transportation options from town.

Rajoli Dam in Gadwel District