Rajanna Sircilla district Police Stations Phone Numbers in Telangana State

Rajanna Sircilla district Police Stations Phone Numbers in Telangana State:Rajanna Sircilla districthas two revenue divisions. Sircilla and Vemulawada are sub-divided into 13 mandals. The Revenue Division is further divided into Circle Offices, which is headed by an Inspector. A Circle consists of police stations headed by an inspector or sub-inspector. The police department is committed to serving the needs of the citizens by providing them effective and efficient services. Here we are Listed belowRajanna Sircilladistrict Police Station’s Numbersandcell phone numbers.

From registering complaints to knowing your case status, all this and much more can be done with just a few clicks.

Rajanna Sircilla district Police Stations Phone Numbers

Rajanna Sircilla District Police Stations Phone Numbers

The services offered online by the Telangana State police departmentinclude –

1)Passport status
2)eChallan status
3)Report a crime
4)Safety tips
5) Eve’s teasing complaints
6)Domestic Violence complaints
7)Dowry harassment complaints
8)Internet fraud
9)Property frauds
10)Job frauds
11)Child protection
12) Women’s protection
13)Missing persons report
14)Traffic police help
15)Foreigners’ registration

Designation Name of the Jurisdiction Mobile Number Email
Superintendent of Police Rajanna Sircilla District 8332831100 sp@rsla.tspolice.gov.in
Sdpo(DSP) Sdpo Rajanna Sircilla District 9440795155 sdporsla@rsla.tspolice.gov.in
Sdpo(DSP) Sdpo Vemulawada sdpovmd@rsla.tspolice.gov.in
Inspector of Police Sircilla town ps 9440795163 shorslat@rsla.tspolice.gov.in
Inspector of Police Sircilla rural circle 9440795154 cirslar@rsla.tspolice.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Thangalapalli ps 9059470888 shotgpl@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Ellanthakunta ps 9440795173 shoelkt@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Mustabad ps 9440795129 shomstb@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Inspector of Police Yellareddypet Circle 9704869022 ciypet@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Yellareddypet ps 9440795285 shoypet@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Gambiraopet ps 9440795282 shogpet@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Veernapalli ps 9490242100 shovnpl@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Inspector of Police Vemulawada town ps 8106060405 shovmd@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Inspector of Police Vemulawada rural circle 9440795164 civwdr@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Vemulawada rural ps 9441374569 shovwdr@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Boinpally ps 9440900976 shobpl@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Inspector of Police Chandurthi circle 9676323632 cicdrt@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Chandurthi ps 9440795170 shocdrt@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Konaraopet ps 9440795281 shokpet@rsla.telangana.gov.in
Sub-Inspector of Police Rudrangi ps 9490562546 shordrg@rsla.telangana.gov.in

Rajanna Sircilla District Police Stations Phone Numbers