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How to raise a grievance on EPFO? A step-by-step Process: Complaints about EPF withdrawal, EPF account transfer, know-your-customer (KYC), and other things can be made through this website. This portal can be used by people with an EPF account, EPF pensioners, and employers.

Subscribers to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) can file a complaint using the EPF i-Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS). Members of the EPF can use the EPFiGMS to file complaints and get answers to all their questions. On the EPFiGMS portal, EPF members can also check the status of complaints or requests still being processed.

What is EPFiGMS Portal?

EPFiGMS is a customized portal made by EPFO to help solve problems with the services EPFO provides. Grievances can be brought up anywhere and will be sent to the correct office.

List Of EPFO Complaints That Can Be Raised Using EPFiGMS

On the EPFiGMS Portal, EPF members can file complaints about many things. Below are some complaints:

1) accumulation is transferred to a new EPF account.
2) concerns about the PF balance.
3) Certificate for the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS).
4) Pension settlement is complete.
5) The cheque was returned or misplaced.
6) Insurance benefit payment.
7) Problem with PF balance/slip.
8) EPF final settlement/withdrawal.
9) Any other issues

Benefits of the EPF Grievance Portal

1) The scheme benefits both EPF members and their employers. Unlike before, complaints are now quickly addressed. We have a lot going for us here.

2) The portal is accessible to all EPF members, and all employees can use it.

3) The EPFO employees can quickly find and fix any problem.

4) Members don’t have to waste time traveling to the EPF offices.

5) The allegation will be taken care of, and the EPFO will get help in the future regarding complaints about its similar members. They figure out which complaint has been brought up by many employees or employers and try to fix it.

Steps to File a Complaint related to your EPF account

Below are the steps to file a Complaint related to your EPF account.

1) Visit the Official Website EPF Grievance:
raise a grievance on EPFO
2) Click on “Register Grievance” to file your complaint.
 3) Your computer screen will redirect to the “REGISTER GRIEVANCE” page. Choose whether you file the complaint as a PF member, an EPS pensioner, an employer, or someone else. Remember that you can choose “Others” if you don’t know your employer’s UAN, PPO, or Establishment number.

4) Enter your Universal Account Number (UAN) and security code, and then click “Get Details.”

5) On the UAN page, click the ‘Get OTP’ button. Enter the OTP, and then click “Submit.” After verifying the OTP, continue.

6) On the UAN page, click the ‘Get OTP’ button. Enter the OTP and then click “Submit.” After the OTP is verified, continue.

7) Fill out your name, gender, contact information, pin code, state, and country.
8) Click the PF account number in the “Grievance Details” column.
9) Choose the type of complaint and what the complaint is about. Use the “Choose File” and “Attach” buttons to upload the files that support the complaint. After putting in the information about the complaint and attaching the documents that back it up, click the “Add” button. In the “Grievance Details” section, the complaint will be posted.
10)To send the complaint to the EPFO, click the “Submit” button.
11) Once the complaint has been filed, EPF subscribers will get an email and a text message with a registration number.

Steps to check the status of EPF complaints

If you have a UAN, PPO Number, or Establishment Number, please choose the right Status so that your complaint can be handled as quickly as possible.

1) Visit the Official Website EPF Grievance:
EPF Grievance
2) Choose “View Status” now.
3) Enter the registration number, which is also known as the complaint number, the complaint password, the mobile number, the email address, and the security code.
4) Click “Submit.

How to raise a grievance on EPFO? A step-by-step Process