R Connect Reliance Salary Slip Portal Login – rconnect.ril.com

R Connect Reliance Salary Slip Portal Login – rconnect.ril.com: Reliance Industries Limited is an India-based global conglomerate company growing and doing well. The company provides Reliance Jio, mass media, retail, energy, petroleum, and natural gas goods to millions in India. Reliance Industries has more than 300,000 employees nationwide, making it the country’s ninth most significant and most reliable employer. Reliance Industry uses a digital tool to get information about its workers and handle the many people working there.

R Connect Reliance Salary Slip

R Connect Reliance Salary Slip Portal Login

The online system can help with work-related activities and information about how to pay your salary. This makes it easier for the company and the financial staff to handle data. The Reliance R Connect site is a one-of-a-kind place where all staff information can be stored. Workers can also check their pay slips online instead of going to the HR office. It’s a public portal that can be reached through the link Rconnect.Ril.Com.


Portal Name RConnect
Company Name Reliance Industries Limited
Website launch by Reliance Retail
Usage of Portal Reliance Individuals Employees
R connect Portal Purpose HRM Services for Reliance employees
R connect Portal Services Available Pay slips 2024, Attendance Records, Leave info & More
reliance r connect employee login rconnect.ril.com
Official Website https://rconnect.ril.com

R Connect Logon User

When you log in to your RConnect, you need to do the following:

1) Your User ID will start with P and your Employee Code.
2) When you first log in, your password will be Rr@YYYYMMDD, your birth date. For security reasons, you should change your password as soon as you log in for the first time. Your new password should include these parts:

  • Minimum password length: 6
  • The maximum length of a password: 20
  • Use of a symbol (@,&,#)
  • The password must be a mix of letters and numbers, so not all characters can be letters or numbers.

3) If you don’t remember your RConnect password, you can change it by clicking on

  • You can click here to reset or unlock your password on the site. When you click on this, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can choose “Reset Password.” Click “Reset Password” to change your password and enter the required information.

4) Once you’ve entered all the information, you’ll get an email with a new password sent to your official email address. You’ll also get a text message with the new password sent to your phone. A password will be sent via SMS to the phone number you gave in the RConnect site.

5) If you have a Corporate Mobile number and that number is verified on your RConnect, the password will be sent to that number via Text SMS. If you don’t have a Corporate Mobile number and are using your Personal Mobile number instead, which has been verified on your RConnect, then the password will be sent to your Personal Mobile number via Text SMS. An employee can change his Personal Mobile number but can’t change the Corporate Mobile number on the RConnect because it has already been changed and approved by the Jio Team.

6) Reload the RConnect page and enter your User ID and the password that was sent to your official email address and phone number. When you click on LOGON, you will be given the choice to enter your NEW PASSWORD.

7) Please enter the OLD PASSWORD sent to your official email address and phone number, and then use the above instructions to enter the NEW PASSWORD.

8) You have now successfully changed your password!!

What does the Reliance Employee Pay slip contain?

The employee pay slip of Reliance employees contains important details such as the employee code, name, GPF number, designation of the employee, PAN number, and bank details. The employee’s pay scale and grade details are also mentioned. Basic pay, DA HRA, allowances, and deduction details such as GPF and professional tax are also mentioned. The net amount, gross amount, and total gross salary amount can be seen on the pay slip.

Reliance Retail Contact Address

Reliance Retail Limited,

Registered Office:

3rd Floor, Court House,
Lokmanya Tilak Marg,
Dhobi Talao, Mumbai-400 002.

Customer Care: 1800 891 0001 / 1800 102 7382

Customer Service e-mail: customerservice@ril.com

R Connect Reliance Salary Slip Portal Login