Praja Palana Application Download & Apply Offline

Praja Palana Application Download & Apply Offline: Telangana Congress government is taking proactive steps to fulfill election promises. To ensure the delivery of commitments made during the elections, the government actively selects beneficiaries to implement six key pledges made during the election period.

The Congress government has unveiled an innovative program, launching a comprehensive statewide public survey from December 28 to January 6 to identify eligible participants. As part of this expansive survey initiative, village meetings spanning ten days will be conducted, during which officials will directly collect applications from residents. Despite these efforts, public uncertainty exists about where to submit applications and the necessary documentation. To address this concern, the government has released the public survey application form for the Praja Palana Guarantee, encouraging individuals to review and submit the required documents for seamless participation.

Praja Palana Application Download

Praja Palana Application Download

Afterward, individuals should register information about programs like Mahalakshmi Pathakam, Rythu Bharosa, Indiramma Indlu, Gruha Jyothi, and Cheyutha Pathakalu. To initiate the application process for any of these programs, individuals must register the specific details outlined under each program. By providing the necessary information, you can streamline your application for these beneficial programs.

Scheme Highlights

Name of Scheme Praja Palana Scheme, Abhaya Hastham, TS 6 Guarantee Scheme
Launched By Government of Telangana
Benefit To apply for various schemes
Launch Year 2023
Beneficiaries Citizens of Telangana State
Official Website

Schemes Covered under the Praja Palana Scheme

The Praja Palana program comprises various government schemes, including:
1) Mahalaxmi Pathakam
2) Cheytha Scheme
3) Gruha Jyothi Scheme
4) Indriyamma Indlu Scheme
5) Rythu Bharosa Scheme
1 ) Mahalakshmi Pathakam: When applying for financial support through the Mahalakshmi Pathakam program, individuals should check the appropriate box on the form. To avail of the subsidized Rs. 500 gas cylinder, those interested must register the gas connection number, agency name, and serial numbers of the cylinders used annually. Make sure to include these details during the registration process.
2) Gruha Jyothi Scheme: In the Gruha Jyothi Scheme, individuals must mention their monthly electricity consumption in units and provide the electricity meter connection number.
3) Indiramma Indlu Scheme: Applicants for the Indiramma Indlu Scheme should own a house under construction to be eligible for benefits. Alternatively, beneficiaries of the Amara Veerulu scheme should furnish details like name, annual income, FSI number, and death certificate. Entrepreneurs need to provide relevant FSI numbers or details about their time spent in jail.
4) Rythu Bharosa scheme: For the Rythu Bharosa scheme, individuals aiming for benefits should apply for the Rythu Kaulu and mark the relevant checkbox. Tenant farmers should register the passbook number and details of cultivated land in acres. If the applicant is a farm laborer, they must provide the Upadhi Hami Card number.
5) Cheyutha Pathakalu Scheme: For those applying for the Cheyutha Pathakalu Scheme, check the box corresponding to the relevant category—persons with disabilities, elderly individuals, widows, disabled workers, or beedi workers and construction workers. Once all criteria are met, complete the registration by filling in the applicant’s name, account number, and date.

Documents Required

To apply for the Praja Palana Scheme and its guarantee schemes, applicants need to submit specific documents that aid in verifying their identity and eligibility. The necessary documents include:
1) Aadhar Card
2) Passport Size Photograph
3) Mobile Number
4) Residence Certificate
5) Bank Account Details

Important Dates

Starting Date: 28/12/2023
Ending Date: 06/01/2024

How to Apply For the Praja Palana Scheme Offline

1) You can easily Apply for the Praja Palana Scheme: The application process for the Praja Palana Scheme in Telangana is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Follow these simple steps to apply for various guarantee schemes.
2) Download the Praja Palana Application Form: Begin the process by downloading the official application form.
3) Complete the Form Accurately: Fill in all the required information, including personal details and the specific scheme you are interested in. Accuracy is crucial, especially for sensitive data like bank account details.
4) Prepare and Attach Documents: Collect the necessary documents and attach legible Xerox copies to the application form. Ensure that all required documents are complete.
5) Timely Submission at Your Village/Ward Meeting: Submit your application form and the attached documents at your village or ward meeting. It’s essential to adhere to the specified timeframe and submit your application between the designated start and end dates.

Praja Palana Application Download & Apply Offline

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