Pochera Waterfalls Water Fall in Adilabad

Pochera Waterfalls Water Fall in Adilabad: Adilabad district having relatively high density forest covers 44.8 percent of the total area. The magnificent Sahayadri Mountain range from north-west to the south-east draws the monsoon clouds and creates a pleasant climate and nurtures the wide and variant flora of the forests.

The Sahayadri Mountain range dwells many waterfalls that are mostly from monsoon clouds and flow from the mountain range towards the plains. But some rivers running through these forests at some places transform themselves into waterfalls. Among these waterfalls, the prominent are The Kuntaala Waterfall and The Pochera Waterfall.

Pochera Waterfalls Water Fall in Adilabad

Pochera Waterfalls are located at a distance of 37 km from Nirmal, 47 km from Adilabad and 7 km from Boath.

River Godavari flowing from the neighboring state flows down the Sahayadri Mountain range. The water that flows in separate and narrow streams unite and with gushing speed fall from a height of
20mt the sound of the splashing water against rocks echoes the surroundings. The water thundering down into the pool like a gigantic water spout is a cascading, thunderous, aesthetic, awe-inspiring scene to view.

Pochera waterfall is a breathtaking place to view, it is very big, wide and deep waterfalls. It is a beautiful site, soothing, spectacular, rapid scenery. Pochera waterfalls are situated interiorly amidst dense forests, this waterfall offers a tremendous experience to the visitor. Only one of its kinds in Telangana state.