Pocharam project in Kamareddy District of Telangana – How to Reach

Pocharam project in Kamareddy District of Telangana State – How to Reach: One of the most important projects in the Kamareddy district is the Pocharam project. A hundred years of work have gone into this project. The Nizam government built the Pocharam project, which is still standing and is used to water thousands of acres in both mandals. This year marks the 100th year of the Pocharam project. There are a lot of tourists at the project. As a place to visit, the project is impressive. More people are going to the Pocharam sanctuary next to the project. Every summer, the project brings in couples from other countries. So, this project, which has been going on for a hundred years, will provide water for irrigation and become a place where tourists can watch migratory birds.

Pocharam project

Pocharam project in Kamareddy District

While Nizam was in charge, this project was built in Pocharam village in Nagireddypet Mandal, on the edge of Kamareddy district. Nizam’s government engineer, Nawab Jung Bahadur, made plans for the Pocharam project. Building work began on the project in 1917 when the Nizam government was in charge. The building was finished in the year 1922. At that time, it cost Rs.27.11 lakhs to build this project. The project was constructed with 2.424 TMCs 21 feet tall and 1.7 km long. The only raw materials used to make the project were stones and slaked lime. This project was built to bring water to the fields of crops in Nagireddypet and Ellareddy mandals for irrigation. By 2022, this project will have been going on for 100 years. This project has been a good place for tourists to visit for centuries. It gives water to the fields of crops around it so they can grow. As sediment slowly built up in the project, it reached 1.860 TMC.
During the time of the Nizam, a project was built on the Manjira River near Pocharam village to bring water to the Nagireddypet and Ellareddy Mandals of the Ellareddy Division for irrigation. At that time, 58 km of canals were dug to bring water to the fields in Nagireddypet and Ellareddy mandals, which were below the project. Also, 73 distributors have been set up for this. Through this project, 17 thousands of acres of Ayakattu are getting water. The area of the project is split into two parts. From 1 distributor to 48 distributors, Nagireddypet Mandal has been divided into A zone, and from 49 distributors to 73 distributors, Ellareddy Mandal has been split into B zone. During the monsoon season, irrigation is given to two zones every year. During the Yasangi season, irrigation is given to the A zone for one year and the B zone the following year.
The Pocharam project will turn into a center for tourists. When the monsoon season comes, it rains a lot in the mountains, and the big lake of Lingampet floods. The number of tourists has increased since the project has been completed for the past five years. When the project is entire, people wait in line to see how beautiful it is when the waterfalls are like a waterfall. Seeing the water reservoir built during Nizam’s rule is more interesting. It is fun to the boat in the same reservoir. On Sundays and holidays, many people visit the Pocharam project and sanctuary. Aside from the beauty of the project waterfall, two eyes are not enough to see the beauty of the Pocharam project, which has wild animals in the Pocharam sanctuary on one side and a forest area and crop fields on the other.

How to reach the Pocharam project in Kamareddy District

By Air: 
Currently, Kamareddy doesn’t have an airport that can be used. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, w68 km away, is the closest
By Train: 
To get to Kamareddy, you can take a train from Secundrabad (SC) or Kacheguda (KCG). The ride takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.
By Road:
Pocharam Dam is about 36 km from Kamareddy town, 90 km from Nizamabad, and 110 km from Hyderabad. It can be reached by road from all of these places.

Pocharam project in Kamareddy District of Telangana State