Pashu Aadhar Card 2024: How to Apply, Check Status at INAPH portal

Pashu Aadhar Card 2024 –  How to Apply, Check Status at INAPH portal: Pashu Aadhaar is to make it easier to track down livestock and their products, such as milk or meat. This will help farmers and people managing livestock in the country develop better ways to do their jobs.

Like Aadhaar cards, Pashu Aadhaar will give each animal a unique identification number and a lot of other information that will help manage the country’s large number of livestock. Pashu Aadhaar is being promoted as the world’s most extensive database of animals.
Pashu Aadhar Card

How to Apply For Pashu Aadhar Card

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is making Pashu Aadhaar the Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH). If everything goes well, INAPH will be the largest database of animals in the world.
All animals receive ear tags with the 12-digit UID and a bar code as part of the process. The INAPH details the animal’s breed, species, and lineage. It also includes information about giving birth, making milk, and getting vaccinated.

Benefits of Pashu Aadhar Card

NAPH offers the following significant benefits:
1) Unique identification of the animal along with the pedigree facts, lactation yields and owner details
2) Keeping track of all breeding, nutrition, and health-related activities.
3) Tracking disease outbreaks and patterns for different species/breeds/villages/districts.
4) Farmers make more money When animals are healthier and more productive.
5) Assess the efficiency & effectiveness of AI services and ration Balancing Advisory Services.
6) Monitor genetic improvement programs and see how they are going.

How to Apply for a Pashu Aadhar Card at the INAPH portal

Please sign up on the INAPH portal. Once your login information has been confirmed, you will be able to use the INAPH application in the ways listed below:
1) You can get to the INAPH portal by logging in.
2) Click “Animal Registration” and fill out the requested information. Farmers can get the UID number by providing information about the owner.

Pashu Aadhar Card Status Check Online

1) First, go to, which is the official website.
Pashu Aadhar Card Status
2) Under the “About INAPH” tab on the homepage, click on the “Animal Status” link.
3) Then, a page like the one below will show up where you can check the status of your Pashu Aadhar card online.
4) To check the status of a Pashu Aadhar card online, enter the Animal Tag ID, enter the captcha, and click “Submit.”

Contact Details of INAPH

Address: National Dairy Development Board, PB No. 40, Anand – 388001, Gujarat, India
Fax: 91-2692-260157, 260165
Email ID: inaph[at]nddb[dot]coop

Pashu Aadhar Card 2024: How to Apply, Check Status at INAPH portal