Paigah Tombs in Hyderabad District: How to Reach & Timings

Paigah Tombs in Hyderabad District: How to Reach & Timings: During the 18th century, the noble families of Paigah were some of the most significant and powerful families in the Princely State of Hyderabad. The nobles of Paigah said they were descended from Islam’s second caliph, Hazrath Omar bin Al-Khattab. They were thought to be wealthier than the average Maharajah of the country, and they were the only ones who could afford to have their own court, palaces, and armies, which often numbered in the thousands. Paigah is a word in the Farsi language that means “footstool.” In English, it means “right-hand man.”

Paigah Tombs

Paigah Tombs in Hyderabad District

The Paigah nobility is said to have begun with Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung. When he worked for the second Nizam, Salabat Jang, he was one of the first nobles. The Nizam gave him the titles Sahams-ul-Mulk, Shams-ul-Doula, and Shams-ul-Umara, which were based on his family name. It means “the sun among the people and the high-born.” The Paigahs were given the job of making sure the state is safe and protected. The Paigahs and the Nizams were very close.

The Paigahs, who loved tarts, have brought their unmatched grace and elegance to their beautiful tombs as well. The Paigah Tombs are one of the many wonders of the city that can be found in the pages of the most interesting history. The amazing skill of the Paigahs can be seen in the mosaic tile work that has been set in place. The Paigah tombs are in the Pisal Banda suburbs of Hyderabad. The facades are made of pierced marble, and the carvings are very detailed. The tombs are the best examples of fascinating Indo-Islamic architecture, which is a mix of both the Asaf Jahi and Rajputani styles.

Timings: All days of the week except Friday (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

How to Reach Paigah Tombs in Hyderabad

By Air:

The nearest airport is in Hyderabad.
By Train:
The nearest railway station is in Hyderabad.
By Road:
 From Hyderabad to Paigah Tombs, you can easily reach them using local buses. Also, you can use the MMTS service.

Paigah Tombs in Hyderabad District: How to Reach & Timings