Odisha Ration Card 2024 – Apply Online , Beneficiary List and Eligibility Criteria

Odisha Ration Card 2024 – Apply Online, Beneficiary List and Eligibility Criteria: India is a big country with many different groups. Some of these groups live above the poverty line, and some live below it. The government gives out below-poverty cards and above-poverty cards. Those who live below the poverty line can get help from these cards based on their income and needs. In this way, the government of Odisha has made the Food Odisha portal 2024 available so that people can apply for the card online instead of going to government offices. In this article, we’ll learn about the benefits and goals of the Food Odisha Token List and how to apply the portal.

The government of the state of Odisha has set up this Food Odisha Portal so that residents can find out how to apply, who gets food, and how to download their ration cards online. Applicants can use the portal to apply for a BPL or APL card and update their card. They can also go to the government office to make changes or apply for new cards.

Most needy and poor people in Odisha benefit from the BPL ration card they get through the Food Odisha Portal. This lets them buy rice, wheat, kerosene, and other things at lower prices.

Objectives of the Food Odisha Portal

The portal’s main goal is to help needy and poor citizens obtain the Food Odisha Ration Card and other basic needs at lower prices. With the card, citizens can also sign up for different state and central programs.

Types of Ration Card

Type of Ration Card Status
APL Ration Cards For People who fall under the Above Poverty Line.
BPL Ration Cards For families whose income is less than 1 Lakh and below the poverty line.
Antyodaya Ration Cards For those who have less money.

Eligibility Criteria for Food Odisha Portal

To be eligible for an Odisha Ration Card, an applicant must meet the following requirements.

1) The person applying must be from the Indian state of Odisha.2) The applicant should not have gotten the ration card before.

3) Those who want to apply must be in the APL or BPL category.

4) The person applying should have all the documents needed.

Documents Required

The list of documents needed for an Odisha Ration Card is as follows: –

1) Income Certificate
2) Aadhar Card
3) Residence Proof
4) PAN Card
5) LPG Connection
6) Caste Certificate
7) Latest Passport Sized Photo
8) If you are a tenant, you must give NOC NOC in the form of a document and a rent agreement.

Steps to Apply Online for Food Odisha Ration Card

Follow these steps to apply online for a food Odisha Ration card:

1) First, you must go to PDS Odisha’s official website:http://www.foododisha.in/
Odisha Ration Card portal
2) On the website’s home page menu, click “citizen services” under the Online Services tab.
3) It redirects to the “ONLINE SERVICES FOR CITIZENS” page. There it displays the list of services.
4) Click on the Apply new card option in the NFSA Section or the SFSS Section to apply for an NFSA Ration Card (to apply for an NFSA Ration Card).
5) The application will open. You need to fill in all the required details sections like Ration Card & FPS Details, Details of Family, Members of Applicant, Other Info, and Present Residential Address.
6) After that, you must complete the information about the applicant’s family member. Finally, you must fill out all the other information and click “Save” to submit your application.
7) You can also click on the “print acknowledgment” button to get a copy of it to keep for future use.

Add or Delete Member from Odisha Ration Card (NFSA &SFSS)

Follow these steps to add or remove a person from your Odisha ration card:

1) First, you must go to PDS Odisha’s official website: http://www.foododisha.in/
2) On the website’s home page menu, click “citizen services” under the Online Services tab.
3) It redirects to the “ONLINE SERVICES FOR CITIZENS” page. There it displays the list of services.
 4) To add the person to the NFSA Ration Card, go to the NFSA Section and click on the “Addition of Member” button.
5) After clicking on it. It redirects to the “Details of Family Members of Applicant” page. Add details like your full name, gender, date of birth, relationship to the eldest woman in the family, EPIC number, Aadhar number, Aadhar enrollment number, father’s name, and spouse’s name.
6) Enter family members, then click the “Update” button to add them to the ration card.

7) In the SFSS section, Click on “Addition of Member” to add a member to the SFSS card.
Fill in the number on your ration card in the box and click “Get details.”

8) The information about each family member will be shown on your screen. Add member details and save it.
9) To get rid of a member, click the “Delete Member” button in the NFSA section (for an NFSA Ration Card) or the “Delete Member” button in the SFSS section (for an NFSA Ration Card).
10) Enter the number on the ration card and click the “Get Details” button. It makes a new page appear.
11) On this new page, you can view information about current members and remove anyone from the list.

Steps to Check PDS Odisha Ration Card Beneficiary List

1) First, you have to go to the PDS Odisha’s direct link: http://www.pdsodisha.gov.in/tpds/Reports/RationCardListReport.aspx

PDS Odisha Ration Card Beneficiary List

2) On the website, you must choose details like district, block, and FPS, then click on the Get Report button.
3) When you’re done, a new list will appear on the same page.
4) The list will contain details of the Odisha Ration Card Beneficiaries.
5) Click on the Ration Card Number to find out more details.

Odisha Ration Card 2024: Apply Online, Beneficiary List