Nizamabad District |mandals in nizamabad district

Nizamabad District : Nizamabad district was popularly known as Indur.Till the beginning of 19th century. The name Indur is believed. to be originated from the name the king Indradatha, existed during the sixth century AD.The name Indur became Nizamabad in 1905 AD during the rule of the 6th Nizam Meer Mahaboob Ali Khan(Nizam Asif Jahi VI) who ruled this region from 1869-1911 AD. Nizam Asif Jahi VI changed the name of Indur to Nizamabad for administrative convenience and as part of the Re-Organisation of the districts. The name Nizamabad has been derived from the name of same King Nizam Asif Jahi VI of Hyderabad.

Nizamabad District

During the time of the prime ministership of Nizam ruler, Salar Jung-I in 1876 AD the districts in the Nizam’s dominion were reorganised where upon Indur became a district. Indur district than used to have 10 taluks. But after the second Re-Organization of the district in 1905 AD Mudhol and Nirmal mandals were merged into Adilabad district. The rest of Banswada mandal was divided between Bodhan and Yellaredd taluks. While Bheemgal was merged in Armor taluk, other changes were made in Yellareddy and Kamareddy. The district in its new shape was christened as Nizamabad. Before 1979 there were 7 taluks inthe district. However, during December 1979, Armor and Kamareddy taluks were bifurcated and to viz.., Bheemgal and Domkonda were formed. With these taluks the numbers of taluks rose from 7 to 9, during May 1985,35 mandals were formed as smaller administrative units in the district. During August 1988, Yedapally mandal was newly formed bringing the total number of mandals to 36 in the district.

Nizamabad District Information

Geographical Area 7,956 Kilometer square
Population 25,51,335
Population Density 321 Persons/sq.Km.
Male Population 12,50,641
Female Population 13,00,694
Sex-Ratio (Males) 962(Females)
Total Literacy rate 61.25 %
Male Literacy Rate 71.47 %
Female Literacy Rate 51.54%
Agriculture Rice, maize, Soyabean, Bengalgram, Cotton, Greengram, Turmeric, Blackgram.
Rivers Manjira and Godavari.
Minerals Laterite and Feldspar.

::Mandals in Nizamabad District ::

1 Ranjal 13 Yeda palle 25 Sadasivanagar
2 Navipet 14 Bodhan 26 Gandhari
3 Nandipet 15 Kotgiri 27 Banswada
4 Armur 16 Madnur 28 Pitlam
5 Balkonda 17 Jukkal 29 Nizamsagar
6 Mortad 18 Bichkunda 30 Yellareddy
7 Kammar palle 19 Birkoor 31 Naga Reddipet
8 Bheemgal 20 Varni 32 Lingampet
9 Velapur 21 Dichpalle 33 Tadwai
10 Jakranpalle 22 Dhar palle 34 Kamareddy
11 Makloor 23 Sirkonda 35 Bhiknur
12 Nizamabad 24 Machareddy 36 Domakonda

::Details of Revenue Divisions and Mandals::


Nizamabad Armoor Balkonda Bheemgal
Dharpally Dichpally Jakranpally Kammarpally
Makloor Morthad Nandipet Navipet
Sirikonda Vailpoor


Bodhan Banswada Bichkunda Birkoor
Jukkal Madnoor Kotagir Nizamsagar
Pitlam Renjal Varni Yedapally


Kamareddy Bhiknoor Domakonda Gandhari
Lingampet Machareddy Nagireddypet Sadasivnagar
Tadwai Yellareddy