Nirmal District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State

Nirmal District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State: Nirmal district is a district in Telangana state in India. Before, it was a part of the Adilabad district, and later, it became a district in Telangana. It neighbors Maharashtra and the Telangana districts of Asifabad (Komuram Bheem), Adilabad, Mancherial, Jagtial, and Nizamabad. The district has two revenue divisions, Nirmal and Bhainsa, and 18 mandals. The district’s capital is Nirmal town.

The name of Nirmal District comes from King Nimma Rayudu, who was very important to the area’s growth. There are a lot of roads in the area, and the National Highway 44 goes through it several times. At Nirmal and Bhainsa, there are two central RTC depots. Some of the most fertile lands in Telangana are in this district, bordered on the south by the river Godavari and irrigated by many small and medium-sized projects. Chain tanks were also built around Nirmal town. The main crops in the district are paddy, cotton, and pulses.

Nirmal District with Mandals

Nirmal District with Mandals

The history and culture of the Nirmal area are vibrant. It leans very much towards art. Bindu Yakshaganam, Bagavatham, Pandavulu, Yellamma Katha, Sharada Kathalu, Kolatam, and Jada Koppulu are some art forms from the area. The most unique of all is the unusual Nirmal Toys, which are made of wood and are known nationally and internationally. Travelers will love the area because it has many great places to visit. The Akshara Sweekaram ceremony at the Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple in Basar, on the banks of the River Godavari, is very well known. The famous IIIT Basara is also in the neighborhood, which is nice. During the autumn, many nature fans go to the Kuntala Waterfalls in the area. Another place of interest for tourists is the Kadem Minor Irrigation Project. Forts like the Nirmal Fort and the Quilla Outta Fort are also in the area.

Tourist Places in Nirmal District

The most popular tourist destinations in Nirmal District are Kadem Project and Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara.

Mandals in Nirmal District

Below the table, we have listed all the mandals of Nirmal District:

Nirmal Rural Soan Dilawarpur
Narsapur G Kaddam Peddur Disturbed
Khanapur Mamada Pembi
Laxmanchanda Sarangapur Kubeer
Kuntala Bhainsa Mudhole
Basar Lokeshwaram Tanoor

Nirmal District with Mandals and Tourist Places